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Why CrossFit?

We at CrossFit Corydon believe that CrossFit is much more than a set of exercises. When utilized properly, it can be a great tool for people of all shapes and sizes to improve both physically and mentally. With an encouraging and accepting enviroment, we hope to enrich the lives of each person that steps through our doors.

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Saturday TEAM Series: WEEK 1 . RX (RX+) . A) LIFT Saturday TEAM Series: WEEK 1
RX (RX+)
Each partner will contribute one score / movement in the time allotted. The partner/team total will be the combination of the two scores. Only one partner may lift at a time.
Total time = 18-MIN
If here as an individual today, choose one lift and crush it.
Partner 1: 3RM Back Squat
Partner 2: 1RM Front Squat (3RM from the ground) - or you may opt for a 3RM from the ground depending on setup 
B) WORKOUT "Big Hero 2020"
20min AMRAP 🔥
10 Deadlift, 225/155 (275/175)
20 Knee-ups (TTB)
30 Push-ups (HSPU)
July was a blast. T h a n k Y o u! We love havin July was a blast. T h a n k Y o u! 

We love having new faces in the gym learning from & giving the vets a push ;) The laughs, the hard work - we take all that good home with us. We are only getting stronger!

Let’s ride the momentum into August. Summertime fitness ☀️🍑💪
Saturday Team Series 🌈 . We are teaming up with Saturday Team Series 🌈
We are teaming up with  Prairie Crossfit and Norak CrossFit for a 5-week series of team / partner workouts.⚡️⚡️⚡️
When: Saturdays, starting August 8th until September 5th
Programmed for a 1-hour, modification friendly class the workouts will consist of a lifting and conditioning section, with two separate lifts and a partner workout (or pair of separate workouts). 💪🏻💪🏻
Teams of two will each contribute one LIFT score each (of a differing lift) followed by a combined workout score 
Workouts are combination of open, benchmark and class CF mashups meant to be completed while maintaining distancing
There's no cost, judges needed or gender/skill requirements, or even a "winner" etc. but bragging rights will be in full effect
We’ll post and share them a couple days prior Incase you want to do them from home your own gym even.
@prairiecrossfit @norakcrossfit
N R G Y 55 ⚡ Small Group Training For Ages 55+ N R G Y 55 ⚡ Small Group Training For Ages 55+ 

Or Anyone Looking To Energize Their Life-style With Movement & Exercise!

THE PROGRAM: 4 Weeks  12 Classes

⚡ Increase your STRENGTH, STAMINA, MOBILITY, COORDINATION and ENDURANCE in a SAFE environment with friends of the similar age, mindset and exercise / life-style goals.
⚡ Learn new ways to restore hip, ankle, and thoracic spine mobility.
⚡ Strengthen all muscle groups under the close supervision of a coach to ensure proper form & movement.

Coach: @relkefitness 

$120+gst (8 classes)
Tuesday & Thursday at 10:45am
757 Corydon Ave (CrossFit Corydon)
Drop-ins Are Welcome! 😁


Throughout our workouts expect to:
➡️ Restore hip, ankle and thoracic spine mobility.
➡️ Strengthen all muscle groups
➡️ Participate in appropriately challenging workouts to expand your capabilities
➡️ Meet similarly focused individuals in a fun, motivating group class

Follow the link to learn more or visit our website.

PERSONAL TRAINING is also available, contact for more details.
We are open! And accepting new members into our co We are open! And accepting new members into our coach-led fitness community.
FREE intro classes every week (register online) jump right in and start your fitness journey with our 6-week (15-class) intro program. 💪🏻
Along side a coach and 4-6 other awesome people new to crossfit / exercise. Adaptable to all ages and skill levels. 🌈
Our one-hour coach-led classes will get you moving, build strength/stamina and introduce you to Crossfit Corydon’s program, classes and community ⚡️ we use a variety of free weights, rowers, air bikes, kettle-bells, barbells and bodyweight movements to keep things interesting!
Classes consist of a functional warm-up, strength / skill section, and 10-15min conditioning circuit that will get your heart rate up and leave your wanting more 📈
We’ve got 6 spots available! Email or register online for “Into/On-ramp” 15 classes for $175+GST
The next phase of your fitness / lifestyle journey starts here at CrossfitCORYDON.com
Personal/Group Training or Strength & Power classes also available 🔥
Road 2 Recovery 🦾 . The transition from moving Road 2 Recovery 🦾
The transition from moving your body, to feeling your body move.
Neat things happen through rehab! Your awareness of your system grows. You learn so much about how your body moves and what makes it work. How everything is connected. You learn! Learn how to feel again and learn how to learn again. 10/10 you come out the other side mentally & physically a stronger athlete.
When you see Coach Brett in the gym, thumbs up & giant smiles 😃 He is healing up and working hard right now! @thegluttonofthenorth #team
Looking for a place to workout, get strong and bui Looking for a place to workout, get strong and build some muscle? CFC offer STRENGTH & POWER classes dedicated to just that⚡️and we’ve opened up some 8PM time slots and Wednesday drop-in times to try a class out. 
1-hour sessions dedicated to building strength and power. Come ready to work! They will follow multi-week strength cycle packed lifts, midline, stability and traditional strength work. 
Monday 7PM & 8PM, Wednesday 7PM & 8PM and Sunday 11AM 
You’ll squat, press, pull, bench and of course weight-lift 💪🏻 
To get the full benefits of the program, consistency is key. Start by signing up online for a drop in class or email us about our 5, 10 or 20 class packs.
Personalized programing also available!

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