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Our facility has now reopened for 1-on-1 personal training and coaching! Individuals can reserve a safe private session online.

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* 1-on-1 personal training

Why CrossFit?

We at CrossFit Corydon believe that CrossFit is much more than a set of exercises. When utilized properly, it can be a great tool for people of all shapes and sizes to improve both physically and mentally. With an encouraging and accepting enviroment, we hope to enrich the lives of each person that steps through our doors.

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We are open for individual and 1-on-1 daytime personal training. Email or purchase a session pack online.

Build strength, break a sweat, lift weights or try a crossfit-style circuit workout. Contact us to book some one-on-one sessions with one of our certified strength and conditioning trainers. 

It's time to get back into the gym, move some weights and get your health and fitness back to where you want it. We offer:

➡️ Flexible scheduling
➡️ Personalized programming, tailored to you
➡️ Safe, distanced low traffic  environment
➡️ Convenient location on Corydon Ave
➡️ Certified male and female trainers

Re-opening Specials:
5 x one-hour sessions for $300+GST ($50 off)
10 x one-hour sessions for $500+GST ($100 off)

Contact us or book online
CrossFit Corydon website

Our in-house personal trainers have a wide range of certifications and experience with all ages and exercise backgrounds. Contact us for details and tell us about what you're after.

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No group classes, no problem. We are nothing if not adaptable.

CFC reopens for individual training Saturday, February 13th... and we couldn't be more excited. 💪🏻

25% capacity, 100% energy and effort. No group classes, maximal individual fitness. Sign up, come in and smash a workout. Lift heavy things, do gymnastics, get sweaty and have some fun with it. 🔥

It's been 92 days since lockdown and on behalf of our 90+ members, 11 coaches and trainers thank-you for the chance to reopen and to rebuild our community. We will do everything we can to keep things safe, distanced and masked up. Let's do this!

And now to give THANKS because... damn! We are grateful that fitness is coming back into our lives.

THANK YOU to all the members that we able to rent equipment and contributed to CFC while closed. Your generosity brought tears to our eyes many times.

THANK YOU to the coaches and attendees of our 80+ zoom classes. We did ANOTHER 92 at-home workouts without one single repeat. If you kept up with the at-home workouts, you have earned the right to flip the bird to pushups, situps, squats and burpees for the next month if you want to. 

THANK YOU to our federal and provincial government aid. And to our landlord, CrossFit and everyone else that gave us even the slightest break over the last 3 months. We owe you one.

THANK YOU to the MANY people that gave their time to help us clean, maintain and upgrade our space and equipment while we were closed and prep for opening. You know who you are and you are absolutely awesome.

And THANK YOU to our local fitness folks (the gyms, trainers, coaches, etc.) who have continued to provide physical and mental health and wellness service the past year. If we could hug, high-five and fist pump every damn one of you we would. The world would be shit without you. Keep it up. 

See you February 13th. ⚡️
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Did you know.. our very own Scott Lakusiak was in TWO online rowing competitions this month?
And that he is absolutely CRUSHING his personal PRs and putting up some incredible scores not only for his category (Master's 40-49) but general humans around the world. 
Saturday he placed 2nd in America's with a 2000-meter row time of 6:25 minutes. WOW! That is holding a 500m pace of 1:36min for over 6-minutes. That is like an all-out double "Fran". 
Some of his other events have been 3 x 2k and 10min max meters. All of which he is putting up some impressive times for. Intense!
Sending our congrats and cheers out to Scott on his final upcoming event. 
Jeff is set up at home! 😆💪 

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We may be locked down but we are not locked out 💪🏻 ... of fitness that is.

We are gonna be in this for a little while longer and the habits we establish now or have neglected to establish thinking “this will blow over soon” are going to pave the way for how we (and our physical, mental health etc.) come out of this thing. 

So let’s be real and set ourselves up for some success.. 

a. commit to a 15-min workout every other day. Double it if your cray-cray like most of us crossfit fanatics

b. get a workout buddy or crew and zoom each other, start a group fitness chat and shame each other relentlessly until your working out

c. accept this as the norm for a bit, heck... try asking yourself, “if I had to go 6-months like this, what habits would I establish now to keep fit and stay socially connected?”

d. get outside. We live in Winnipeg.. this sh*t is going to get cold. We gotta relish the single digit negatives like we crushed drinks when it only took single digits amounts to feel loosey-goosey. Walk, run, hike or so snow-burpees.

e. don’t forget to stretch and mobilize. we’re gonna do A LOT of similar movements, sit around, etc. and the hips, shoulders, joints and gram-sticks (wrists, thumbs) need to relax too. 

f. and if absolutely none of that butters your bread or gets your gears grinding, do this...

There are covid patients in intensive care that would love nothing more than to have the freedom to move...

Daily “Mb Covid Care” Workout
Complete one rep for every Covid patient in intensive care

Today there are 44 so do 44 reps of “x”

Today x = burpees 

We are back with daily doses of at-home fitness, serving it up 🔥 everyday wherever you are. 

Here’s a few things to look forward to from CrossFit Corydon over the next few weeks. We are coming in 🔥

Daily at-home workouts with some throw backs to early lockdown days and some fresh cuts from the all-you-can-eat fitness buffet from CFC, crossfit, CompTrain and anything we can get our grubby hands on.

Weekly at-home #crossfit HERO workouts every Saturday because why not.

Most likely some upcoming virtual classes and get togethers, might as well lean into the sweet ZOOM love everyone is raving about.

And coffee. We will be drinking lots of coffee. This is really no different from any other day but it’s important. 

Tips to crushing at-home workouts:

1. schedule it. Block your calendar and don’t be a no-show to yourself. Even 20-30min every other day is enough.

2. Pull out your gear the night before. Luck favors the prepared. Get lucky with fitness everyday. 

3. Turn your music on and up before you even lace up your shoes. Set the tone for  the body and mind,”wake up, time to smash.”

4. if you “ain’t got time for dat” or get lost, just pick two random movements and do as many reps as you can in a minute, alternating minutes for 5 rounds. (10min) if that’s “too easy”.. 10 rounds. Simple stuff is what makes greatness. And “if you ain’t dyin you ain’t tryin”

5. Post and share your workouts, feel good about it and force your friends to join you. Dopamine is an amazing thing. Friends are almost as good.

6. Drink coffee and keep the good times rolling. Get your heart rate up early and just hangout and sweat there for a little while. Make sure it’s local coffee and if you work up an appetite BUY LOCAL. ❤️

Keep fit, and have fun.
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The gym might be closed BUT did you know athletic therapy is still OPEN ⚡️and often covered in-full or in-part by your benefits program.

Our in-house athletic therapist BRAYDEN MILLER (CAT) can continue to offer treatment and accept new clients.

Book online here

His approach

Our full-body treatment approach restores balance by decreasing tension, reducing pain, aligning your posture, increasing your range of motion, and building your strength.

Improve your movement pattens, release muscle tightness and immobility, rehabilitate chronic issues impeding both living an active lifestyle and/or athletic performance. 

Working right out of CrossFit Corydon, you can book an initial assessment or treatment online via his website. Brayden is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) who works with university and progressional athletes, and well versed in a variety of techniques such as cupping, 


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FREE intro crossfit classes SATURDAY at 12pm.

Sign up online, only 7 spots available.

We offering FREE INTRO classes every week for anyone who needs an hour of fitness or wants to learn new skills and meet some awesome people.

Open to all ages and skill levels. 

➡️ one hour coach led exercise
➡️ improve strength and energy levels
➡️ small classes of 6-8 people
➡️ distanced workstations
➡️ all ages and exercise backgrounds
➡️ flexible scheduling, 7 days a week

Take a break and boost your energy with a little exercise and community.

Plus, it’s super fun to lift some weights a push through a workout with like-minded people. 😁

Book free INTRO class online and see what we’re all about. Who knows, it might just change your life. ⚡️

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