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CrossFit Corydon

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Welcome to CrossFit Corydon, your home for total-body success and a support system like no other. Our team in Winnipeg is truly a family of athletes coming together to push one another on the journey to becoming our best selves. We are proud to train men and women of all backgrounds and abilities, making CrossFit accessible to beginners and experts alike. From day one, you'll feel challenged and motivated like never before to get the very most out of your body. Take the first step today and fill out the short form on your screen to sign up for your FREE trial. We'll see you soon!

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Dedicated Coaches

You can rely on our dedicated staff to help you train with confidence and get more out of every workout. We're committed to success and sustainability.


Cutting-Edge Facility

Conveniently located in the heart of Winnipeg, our facility is simply second to none. From kettlebells and free weights to rowers, ropes, and plyo boxes, we've got everything you need.


Community Focused

We take pride in serving Winnipeg with high-quality fitness training. No matter your background or experience level, we welcome you with open arms.



Take on the best total-body training program in town with our CrossFit Classes in Winnipeg. These varied workouts offer scaled solutions for every move and are great for all abilities!

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Fitness Bootcamp

Join in on the fun with our EMPOWER Fitness Bootcamp classes! These total-body workouts are high-energy and perfect for all skill levels. Work hard and walk away with incredible results in no time.

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Intro CrossFit

Build a foundation for long-lasting success with our Intro CrossFit Classes in Winnipeg. No prior experience is required! This 4-week system puts you on the path to safe, sustainable CrossFit training.

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Why Is CrossFit Right For You?

Enjoy Sustainable Success In All Aspects Of Your Life

CrossFit Corydon Better Movement in Winnipeg - CrossFit Corydon

Better Movement

CrossFit training isn't just about building strength and looking great. With improved mobility in your everyday life, everything from unloading the groceries to playing with your kids can be easier than ever before.

CrossFit Corydon Boosted Confidence in Winnipeg - CrossFit Corydon

Boosted Confidence

When was the last time you felt proud of your workout? With us, you'll walk away knowing you gave it your all, carrying that confidence with you into all aspects of your life. Drop the self-doubt and take pride in your training.

CrossFit Corydon Incredible Support	 in Winnipeg - CrossFit Corydon

Incredible Support

CrossFit Corydon is truly a team. We support each other through every challenge and obstacle. Lean on a community of athletes to help you achieve things you never thought were possible. Your success is our priority.

CrossFit Corydon Long-Lasting Success in Winnipeg - CrossFit Corydon

Long-Lasting Success

We've all been through the roller coaster of short-lived results, but with CrossFit, those days are behind you. Our system is varied in a way that keeps your body guessing week in and week out. No more plateau. No more steps backward.

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