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Why CrossFit?

We at CrossFit Corydon believe that CrossFit is much more than a set of exercises. When utilized properly, it can be a great tool for people of all shapes and sizes to improve both physically and mentally. With an encouraging and accepting enviroment, we hope to enrich the lives of each person that steps through our doors.

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FREE intro crossfit classes SATURDAY at 12pm.

Sign up online, only 7 spots available.

We offering FREE INTRO classes every week for anyone who needs an hour of fitness or wants to learn new skills and meet some awesome people.

Open to all ages and skill levels. 

➡️ one hour coach led exercise
➡️ improve strength and energy levels
➡️ small classes of 6-8 people
➡️ distanced workstations
➡️ all ages and exercise backgrounds
➡️ flexible scheduling, 7 days a week

Take a break and boost your energy with a little exercise and community.

Plus, it’s super fun to lift some weights a push through a workout with like-minded people. 😁

Book free INTRO class online and see what we’re all about. Who knows, it might just change your life. ⚡️

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Did you know, you can also book personal or small group training with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) @brayden_miller1 

Perfect for personalized attention, goal-specific programming, local athletic teams or just getting into better health. 

Hard to beat in-person attention and having a place to get away for an hour. The gym is our sanctuary. But online also available 

➡️ Flexible scheduling
➡️ Personalized program
➡️ Low traffic safe gym environment
➡️ Competitive rates, discounts for groups and session packs of 10+
➡️ Contact us or book online

Our in-house personal trainers have a wide range of certifications and experience with all ages and exercise backgrounds. Contact us for details and tell us about what you're after.

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Taking it serious and keeping it real, that’s what our crew is all about. 💪🏻

➡️ one hour coach led exercise
➡️ strength, conditioning, crossfit
➡️ small classes of 6-8 people
➡️ distanced workstations
➡️ all ages and exercise backgrounds
➡️ flexible scheduling, 7 days a week
➡️ no contracts, as low as $15 per class

Take a mental break for an hour from work / home and boost your energy with a little exercise and community. Even 2-3 days a week is enough to get your feeling strong, energetic and ready to take on life’s challenges.

Plus, it’s super fun to lift some weights a push through a workout with like-minded people. 😁

Book free INTRO class online and see what we’re all about. Who knows, it might just change your life. ⚡️

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1. Drop off today at the gym! 

2. Pick-up tomorrow during classes. 

3. TRY EVERYTHING. Share with your family (or don’t... )

4. Vote online Sat 4pm-Sun 4pm.

5. Winners announced live Sunday evening 🎤🥁🥇🥈🥉

@gracieeeeet delivered the first treats at 6am this morning!!😻 We are excited to try new goodies and old favourites.

Kismet, Michelle and Sara (all pictured above) have mastered their creations & are ready to pack up the treat bags tonight.
It’s the freekin weekend!! We made it through another one, and we will keep rolling forward & having fun together 🤙

Hallie is smiling because she knows the CFC Bake Off is next weekend 😍🥧 (insider information says she bakes a mean banana chocolate chip loaf🤤).

Book free INTRO class online and see what we’re all about. Who knows, it might just change your life. ⚡️

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Welcome BRAYDEN MILLER​​ to the team!!! 

We can’t be more excited! (see how to book below)

Get to know a bit about Brayden... 😊

Bachelor of Kinesiology- Athletic Therapy- University of Manitoba
CAT(C), CSCS, MSc Candidate
Brayden went to the University of Manitoba, graduating with a degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in Athletic Therapy. Upon graduation, Brayden worked with the Bison Strength and Conditioning program, bridging the gap between rehabilitation and return to play. 

Brayden also spent 3 years with the Winnipeg Jets as a student intern, assisting in game day treatment on injured players. The experience from the Bisons strength and conditioning program and the Jets therapy internship program led Brayden to a job with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2017, and eventually being a part of the Grey Cup winning team🏆 He currently is responsible for the strength and conditioning of the team, as well as assisting in therapy. Brayden is currently working towards completion of a Masters degree in Kinesiology.

Certifications include:
• Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT)
• Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
• Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
• Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)
• Soft Tissue Release (STR)
• Mulligans Joint Mobilizations (MJM)
• Masters of Science Candidate
Office located at CFC (757 Corydon Ave)!

Brayden can be reached via email at B_miller1@live.ca to book an appointment. Hours of availability are open to requests at the moment.

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We’re looking for some coaches to join our team!
A. an experienced L1 crossfit coach, able to coach 2-3 hours per week - preferably with some daytime availability or shift-work schedule. Comes with full access to the gym, flexible scheduling and eclectic community of fitness enthusiasts to coach and lead. 
B. an experienced strength and conditioning coach, looking to build / expand their existing clientele and/or find a new home at 757 Corydon Avenue.
Our facility and the role(s) include:
- fully stocked 2000sf+ fitness facility
- full use / access, weekdays 8am-4pm
- central location with plenty of parking
- distanced class capacity of up to 10 people
- flexible rent / revenue share terms
- in-house athletic therapist 
- the opportunity to bring / build your client base and establish partnership with CrossFit Corydon
We’re looking for someone with a passion for fitness, who know runs their own show and might even want to jump in on some crossfit classes with our community from time to time.
They are a career coach / trainer, who has a background in kinesiology or AT/PT and experience establishing a clientele and wants to be a part of a fun-loving fitness community and coach team.
They are someone committed to building out and leading a daytime strength and conditioning program in the Corydon / Osborne area.
Great taste is music, odd sense of humor and quality human being is also a plus. 
If this sounds interesting to you, send us a resume or background of your experience and short write up of what your working on and towards professionally.

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Summer TEAM Series, Week 5
A) LIFT Each partner will contribute one score / movement in the time allotted. The partner/team total will be the combination of the two scores. Partner's may share a bar or have then set up individually. Only one partner may lift at a time.
Total time = 16-MIN
If here as an individual today, choose one lift and crush it.
Partner 1: 1RM Snatch
Partner 2: 2RM Thruster (from ground)
B) "Charlie's Angels" for time:
A. "Fran" 21-15-9 reps
Thrusters, 75/45 (95/65) & J-pull-ups (Pull-ups)
B. "Elizabeth" 21-15-9 reps of cleans, 115/75 (135/95) & HR push-ups (ring dips)
C. "Diane" 21-15-9 reps
Dead-lift, 155/105 (225/155) & DB Push Press, 35/25 (HSPU)
EACH partner will complete "Fran" in-full and then proceed to complete "Elizabeth" and "Diane" as a team. One partner working at a time, at all times. Score is total time. Aim for 5-7min per section.


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