Free Intro Class

The FREE 1-Hour Intro class is an easy and hassle free way to get started. Our coaches will walk you through the basics to help you complete your first CrossFit workout!

Intro Program

The perfect introduction for beginners to learn and grow. Our 4 week coach-led program will teach everything you need to get a jumping headstart in CrossFit.


The backbone for strength and conditioning. Including the Workout of the Day, our CrossFit class is the best way to progress your fitness and meet your goals.


Small Group Training For Ages 50+. Break The Routine, Get Moving and Re-Energize Your Mind & Body

Group training CrossFit with box jumps


A fun program for those wanting to build up to CrossFit. Fundamental movements and body-weight exercises hit the right balance between fun and challenging.

Man preparing for deadlift

Strength & Power

For persons, groups and athletes that looking for personalized training, coaching and programming for both general fitness and/or sport-specific elite training.

Open Gym

Supervised open-format gym time for our members. Come in and work on personalized goals and techniques, with help from the coaches.