CrossFit Class

Coach-led 1-hour group training classes of 8-12 people, from a variety of fitness levels, backgrounds, ages and life-styles. We all come together 3-5 days per week to perform the Workout of the Day (W.O.D.) together, scaling the movements and weights to best suit our skills and abilities. It is simply a great time and a challenging exercise (strength & conditioning) program.

The general flow or outline of the daily CROSSFIT class is…

  • 10-15min progressive movement and mobility warm-up, coach-led but completed at own pace
  • Coach-led stregnth/skill session, with demostrations and review of points-of-performance regarding technique
  • Ends with a daily conditioning component that varies day-to-day, incorporating functional movements in a 10-15 minute mid-to-high intensity workout using the CrossFit methodology.

Our coaching team takes great pride in the general movement and strength/skill development of all our members; both young and less-young, highly athletic or those seeking general fitness, etc.

If there is one thing you can be sure of, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

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