N R G Y 55

Functional | Strength | Training

Small Group Training For Ages 50+ Or Anyone Looking To Energize Their Life-style And Exercise Regime

4 Weeks | 12 Classes


The Program

and ENDURANCE in a SAFE environment with friends of the similar age, mindset and exercise / life-style goals.

Learn new ways to restore hip, ankle, and thoracic spine mobility.
Strengthen all muscle groups under the close supervision of a coach to ensure proper form & movement.

About The Coach: Megan Maes

My name is Megan and I am the lead coach and developer of this program.

Years ago, I was on a multi-day hike through Colca Canyon, Peru and walking with me was a vibrant, 65 year old woman. It was not her first time taking on a strenuous trek and it definitely would not be her last. I was amazed that we kept the same pace for much of the day. Months later, I started doing CrossFit, and found my passion. I was surprised that I met more, amazing mature athletes.

Through my continuous involvement in the fitness community over the last 5 years, I continue to meet people of a similar age group who have decided that sitting back and letting the aging process consume their strength, flexibility and ultimately their independence would not happen without a fight.

I have seen first hand what exercise and activity will do for the body and mind. As we age, it becomes more of a struggle to maintain strength and good health. The only way to fight age is to actively work on those things. We cannot stop aging, but there is a lot we can do for ourselves to maintain as much movement and mobility as possible.

I realize that starting at a new gym or with a new program at a later age can be daunting, which is why I have created a program that is geared toward older adults. Whether it’s getting back to exercise after an injury, a long break, or just starting for the first time, I will work with you to find exercises that will benefit you and directly translate into improved functional movement you use for your daily tasks.

The Workout Structure

Throughout our workouts you can expect to:

  • Restore hip, ankle and thoracic spine mobility.
  • Strengthen all muscle groups.
  • Participate in appropriately challenging workouts to expand your capabilities.
  • Meet similarly focused individuals in a fun, motivating group class

My goal is to get you moving better and ultimately make life more enjoyable.

Cost: $145.00 + GST

Date: Tuesday | Thursday | Friday

Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

Location: CrossFit Corydon, 757 Corydon Ave.

Drop-ins: $20


Getting Started & Personal Training

Getting started is easy. Simply register online following the link below or email us and come down to a class.

Not ready yet? What to check it out first? Need some one-on-one attention or have some personal limitations / circumstances to chat about first. Not a problem. Here’s a few alternative ways to get started:

  • 1-on-1: Email and schedule a 1-on-1 with Megan
  • FREE TRIAL: Sign-up online for a free-trial NRGY class and
  • PERSONAL TRAINING: Personal training is also available outside of the regular class hours to address specific needs, goals, rehabilitations or a more personalized program. Email us for availability and individual and group rates.