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Take On The Most Exciting Workout In Town With Our EMPOWER Fitness Bootcamp Classes

Looking to change your workout routine, tone-up, get stronger or just sweat-it-out with some awesome people? Then join us today for the most exciting workouts in Winnipeg.

Our EMPOWER Fitness Bootcamp at CrossFit Corydon is the perfect way for men and women of all backgrounds to get fit and have fun at the same time! 

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Our Fitness Bootcamps Include Total-Body Training And Constant Support

Led by a strong, fit and knowledgeable coach, the EMPOWER Fitness Bootcamp pushes you through a cardio/strength workout with 10-12 people from all across Winnipeg.

Take on 60 minutes of fun and sweat to kickstart your day or wind it down at night.

These classes are great for students, young professionals, shift workers and anyone just looking to move more and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Bring friends and family, the more the merrier!

Each Fitness Bootcamp includes: 

Group warm-ups: to get your heart rate up and blood flowing

Strength work: Variety of body-weight, core, glute and kettle-bell work to activate, strengthen and tighten muscle tissue

Cardio & Core: A challenging cardiovascular/conditioning session that will get a great sweat going and leave you feeling slim, accomplished and ready for anything. Sometimes with a devious core-finisher!

Train With Confidence Knowing We've Got Your Back

Our coaches at CrossFit Corydon will not only lead and motivate you through the day’s work but, as CrossFit Level 1 Certified coaches, they will work with your...

  • Movement mechanics
  • Mobility restriction
  • Nutrition/lifestyle advice
  • And any personal circumstances make sure you feel empowered to live healthily and move both strong and safe!

Our classes are motivational, judgment-free and open to all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

How does this differ from CrossFit class?

Where regular CF class incorporates barbells, complex gymnastics and a variety of weightlifting movements throughout a periodized strength/conditioning cycle, the EMPOWER Fitness  Bootcamp is much more core and cardiovascular-driven with a focus on using body-weight movements as well as utilizing Kettle-bells and Dumbbells in mid-to-high intensity circuit formats to tone and tighten the body.

You’re going to sweat and be challenged all the same… and have fun doing it. Not to mention developing a strong core and great butt!

Join Us Today For Winnipeg's Most Exciting Fitness Bootcamp!

Change your routine and go home with the results to prove it. Our Fitness Bootcamp at CrossFit Corydon can help men and women across Winnipeg get in great shape in no time!

Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started!



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