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Build Total-Body Strength With Our Olympic Lifting Program

Master the art of Olympic Lifting with our team at CrossFit Corydon. This comprehensive program teaches you how to build strength in a safe and sustainable manner. We train in a competitive environment where you can get the most out of your body while enjoying the support of everyone around you. 

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Comprehensive Olympic Lifting For All Experience Levels

Olympic lifting revolves around the training and development of the two primary lifts:

  • The snatch


  • Clean and jerk

We incorporate a variety of positional, speed, and accessory work to accomplish this. The more focused and casual nature of these classes allows for members of all ages, skills/strengths, and athletic backgrounds to enjoy and develop the sport of weightlifting.

We follow progressive 12-week weightlifting program cycles, complete with technique/mechanics work, some moderate-to-heavy lifting with a variety of rep schemes, pauses, and positions - plus a built-in squat program and accessory work circuit.

All done in coach-led, small group setting OR 1-on-1 by request.

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Don't cut corners. Get the most out of your workouts and build strength in no time with our Olympic Lifting in Winnipeg. At CrossFit Corydon, we're committed to helping make your goals a reality in no time. 

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