Local partners and friends

If you’re a local business interested in partnering with us, please contact us! We’re looking for local partners and sponsorship opportunities in a variety of categories such as…

Health & Wellness Physiotherapy, massage therapy, muscle therapy, chiropractors, homeopathic healers and other service providers

Weightlifting, Power lifting and Gymnastics Clubs, competitions and training partners

Supplements Suppliers, dealers and sponsors

Food & Drink Local cuisine; natural, organic and health related

Shopping Local retail outlets

Other Fitness Facilities Local training facilities, institutes and other CrossFit affiliates

  • Fitness/Rehab: Reh-fit Centre, Pan-am pool
  • Crossfit boxes: Auctus, Winnipeg, 204, Shinobi, Prairie, Undefeated, 431, Sublime, Niverville, Roborean, Top Notch

Tools and Links

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