Our definition

Fitness+ is a strength and conditioning program, a fitness methodology and for some a lifestyle – consisting constantly varied functional movements often performed at high intensity. In recent years it has evolved from a localized fitness program to a worldwide fitness community built on the foundations of its founders at CrossFit Inc. and later evolved into our CFC way of doing things.

Essentially, everyday is different. Our strength and condition program follows a variety of movement progressions to build strength, confidence and efficiency in movements over time. The workouts themselves often include multiple movements with performance measured by time, rounds/repetitions or load and can encompass a variety of gymnastic, weightlifting and cardiovascular work.

Getting Started

Whether you’re new to fitness, an experienced athlete or somewhere in between; we offer a number of ways to get involved in the crossfit community and/or jump in, meet our coaches and try out some classes with our awesome members!

  1. Free Intro Class
    Sign up for an intro class and during the 1 hour intro class you’ll be introduced to the CFC training methodology, have some strength/skill work and finish with a traditional CFC workout. Learn more and sign up HERE. If you like it, ask about our next on-ramp (intro) session!
  2. On-Ramp (1-month) Intro Program
    Coach-led, 4-week introductory program that teaches the fundamental movements we use in both real life and regular class. Our ON-RAMP program focuses on technique, building up work capacity and improve our overall level of fitness and joint/muscle mobility. This is a requirement for all members prior to joining and available to the general public as as a 1-month session on functional fitness training. Learn more about the program HERE.

Not sure about trying it out on your own? Bring a friend or family member with you! Young, old, fitness background, no fitness background, father/mother, sister, daughter… whoever! We will have fun.

Your Journey

Your first class and first workout

It will be guided, explanatory and exploratory to assess your level of fitness, competitive nature and physical abilities. You will sweat and breath hard for a very short amount of time and you will be surprised both then and days later how simple everyday functional movements, when performed properly and in a high intensity environment, can have such dramatic effects physically and mentally. Come pre
pared with workout gear, water, a smile and an open mind! This is going to be fun!




Now the fun part

What your journey will be like from here on… If you really want to know… And by the way… IT. IS. AWESOME! http://www.buzzfeed.com/christinebyrne/hashtag-crossfit



A fundamental part of the Crossfit methodology, particularly at Crossfit Corydon, is the adaptability or scale-ability of the movements and workouts to all ages and level of fitness. Whether you come in right out of a University or College-level training program, are a regular gym-goer or runner or even have taken a few years (or decades) away from fitness and exercise – the program will suit you.

You’ll be surrounded by other members from a variety of backgrounds and can trust in our dedicated coach team to lead you through the work for the day, ensure you’re moving safely through the strength work and still being challenged aerobically no matter what your level of fitness is.

As you progress, so to will the movements and workouts.

Getting started is easy, you can take one of three routes:

  1. Sign-up for a Free Trial Class. Offered Tuesday, Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. See our schedule page for more details and to sign-up online with a couple clicks. Bring a friend or family member even!
  2. Register for our 1-month Intro (On-Ramp) Program. This is a coach-led 3x per week, 4-week intro-to-crossfit and exercise program that will overview the basics of what we do in movement and strength, prepare you for regular classes and of course provide a fun and challenging workout each day. See our On-Ramp (Intro) page for more details and to register.
  3. E-mail us about dropping into a regular class or to meet a coach, see the facility, discuss some of your goals and have your questions answered.

CrossFit utilizes constantly varied functional movements across a variety of modal domains in a coach-led class environment. What this means is that we start with the basic fundamental movements, that we as human beings were not only meant to do but that we utilize in our every day lives such as sitting up, squatting down, picking things up and even crawling around from time-to-time.

We incorporate these aspects into weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular activities to build strength and agility in these positions. And we do this in a different format or combination every day, no two days are alike. In this way are are adding variety into our exercise program, avoiding or at least minimizing the plateau effects.

We are a coach-led, class environment to ensure we’re moving safely, learning something new every day and getting some social time in while we exercise.

So what are the real benefits of all this…

  • Increased strength and conditioning across a variety of movements, skills and aerobic capacity.
  • Maintenance and improvement of body composition, muscular activation and overall body awareness.
  • Increasing mental and physical strength under duress, including resting heart rate, perseverance and general attitude.

Not to mention meeting some awesome people and forming relationship that will last a lifetime.

“WOD” stands for Workout Of the Day. Every day we post our daily workout that includes a mobility/activation section, primary strength and accessory work and finishes with a 10-20 minute mid-to-high intensity CrossFit-style workout.

We offer a variety of membership and session-pack options depending on your weekly and monthly commitment level. From single session, to 2 or 3 session per week to unlimited monthly memberships.

See our membership and pricing page for more details.