CrossFit utilizes constantly varied functional movements across a variety of modal domains in a coach-led class environment. What this means is that we start with the basic fundamental movements, that we as human beings were not only meant to do but that we utilize in our every day lives such as sitting up, squatting down, picking things up and even crawling around from time-to-time.

We incorporate these aspects into weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular activities to build strength and agility in these positions. And we do this in a different format or combination every day, no two days are alike. In this way are are adding variety into our exercise program, avoiding or at least minimizing the plateau effects.

We are a coach-led, class environment to ensure we’re moving safely, learning something new every day and getting some social time in while we exercise.

So what are the real benefits of all this…

  • Increased strength and conditioning across a variety of movements, skills and aerobic capacity.
  • Maintenance and improvement of body composition, muscular activation and overall body awareness.
  • Increasing mental and physical strength under duress, including resting heart rate, perseverance and general attitude.

Not to mention meeting some awesome people and forming relationship that will last a lifetime.