20 Hidden Gems of The 204

We at CrossFit Corydon are an active bunch but it can get a little slow in the city from time-to-time, so to keep you entertained… here are 20 hidden gems of the 204 that you may or may not have heard about to add to your to-do list for this year. Of course, these are aside from our usual friends and local partners on our Community Page. Take a read, check out their Instagram, Facebook and websites and have fun.

Lastly, if you want a good sweat and a good time grab a friend or family member and sign-up for one of our free trial (intro) classes here. Enjoy!

Complied by a well caffeinated Coach Taylor as per usual



On the River, at The Forks

RAW:almond brings together guest chefs from across Canada for 4-weeks to host Winnipeg’s first and only pop-up dinning experience, located on the Red River at The Forks. The big tables, deliciously inspired one-time only experience began in 2013 and has become annual treasure and must-do for anyone who can get their hands on a limited ticket dinner or brunch ticket. http://www.raw-almond.com/


Sous Sol

22-222 Osborne St. (in the basement)

Sous Sol may be the best-hidden French tapas-style restaurant in The Village, if you can find it. Located in the basement off the beaten path, you’ll be taken in by the seductive ambience and elegantly crafted weekly menu that will set your pallet and pupils into a frenzy… That is, if you can find it. http://www.soussolosborne.com/


Clementine Café

1234 Princess St.

Clementine Café is fast becoming thee breakfast/brunch spot in the exchange, not only for their eclectic assortment of dishes and coffee but mostly for their Maple Braised Bacon. You have not had anything like this is the city, it will lead you to completely re-think your bacon game. http://clementinewinnipeg.com/


Piazza De Nardi & La Grotta Mediterranean Market

1360 Taylor Ave.

Piazza De Nardi & La Grotta Mediterranean Market is an experience all on it’s own. First, it’s an Italian market where you can get fresh meats, breads, chesses, pre-made dishes and a host of fresh hand-made desserts. Second, they’ve got an in-house café, delicatessen and gelato shop with some of the richest local offerings you can find. Third, they operate a fine wine store with over 300 exclusive wines from around the world, many of which you can’t get anywhere else in the city. They offer regular wine tastings, catering and special events. http://www.piazzadenardi.com/


Prairie 360 Whisky Lounge

83 Garry St.

Swing by the Prairie 360 Whisky Lounge for a classic cocktail and experience the atmosphere portrayed in ‘Mad Men’. Some Sinatra or grand piano playing the background and you sip some of the cities finest drinks, 28 stories up, overlooking the streets of Winnipeg. This is a place where gentlemen and women come to kick back and take in everything the evening has to offer. It is a movie worthy feeling that you can’t help but enjoy. http://prairie360.ca/


Albert Street Cocktail Company

91 Albert St.

Albert Street Cocktail Company is Winnipeg’s first cocktail bar, located in the heart of the exchange. Operating on a first-come, first-serve basis, their eclectic menu of finely crafted cocktails makes for an unforgettable experience; one you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the city. http://cocktailcompany.ca/


Forth Projects

171 Mcdermot Ave

Forth Projects is an open, multi-floor, coffee shop/lounge where creativity and positive vibes thrive. Drop in with friends for some delicious options from their small plate breakfast, lunch and dinner menus; get your study on or group together over a café made from locally roasted beans; or fancy an evening cocktail with friends or for a special event. Forth is fast becoming a place to be and an Instagram pic favourite. http://www.forth.ca/


Neechi Commons

865 Main St.

Neechi Commons is local co-op grocer that has blossomed into a low-priced locally source healthy alternative to commercial grocers. They are well-known for their oven-fresh bannock, fresh and frozen wild blueberries, wild rice, local fruits and vegetables, Manitoba-caught fish, specialty jams, hand-crafted moccasins, Aboriginal artwork and children’s books. https://neechi.ca/


Nuit Blanche & Bike Jam

The Exchange

Nuit Blanche is an annual all-night celebration and exploration of contemporary art that spans St. Boniface, Downtown and The Exchange. The exhibits attract thousands of people in an unrivaled public experience. Lesser known if the annual Bike Jam, that takes place the same night. Lead by volunteers, organizers and DJ-bikes that fill the ride with music, hundreds of pedal bikers meet up early in the evening, fill their bikes with glow stocks and speakers for a 2-3 hour ride through the streets. It is a spectacle and exercise in free sprit and community; completely free and completely awesome. http://nuitblanchewinnipeg.ca/


Manyfest & Food Truck Wars


Manyfest & Food Truck Wars annually gathers the best food trucks in the city for a weekend to celebrate food, family and community. They take over Broadway with shops, stages and great food to compete and show off the latest and greatest culinary street creations. Complete with a beer-gardens and multi-stage entertainment, get their early and come hungry. http://www.manyfest.ca/food-truck-wars


First Friday’s

In the Exchange

On the first Friday of each month, the galleries, artists and shops in the exchange open their doors to the public to show and spread the creative works in the area. They offer self-guided tours or ‘Art Talk/Art Walk’ evenings that include dinners, local artist moderators and guides throughout the evening experience. http://www.firstfridayswinnipeg.org/


November Project

The Forks

The November Project, Winnipeg chapter, meets every Wednesday morning at 6:15am, all year long, for group workout. There is no charge, no sign up and absolutely no commitment; it is simply a group of people coming together to start the day of with exercise and positive vibes. They use everything from the hills, stages and stairs surrounding the forks, as well as Shaw Park and just about any obstacle they can find to make for a fun workout. It’s an incredible way to begin your Wednesdays. http://november-project.com/winnipeg-mb/


The Cabinet

Various Locations

Did you know Winnipeg has a whisky club? “The Cabinet” is a Winnipeg based scotch whisky tasting club that meets every two months to sample, discuss and enjoy scotch and occasionally other related malt-based beverages. http://whiskycabinet.blogspot.ca/


Bad Axe Throwing

Unit 6 – 1393 Border St.

Bad Axe Throwing will teach you how to throw a freaking axe. How cool is that. You’ll be throwing side-by-side in one of many lanes or two separate party spaces. You can kick back, crack jokes between tosses and even set up of bring in your own catering if you’d like. https://badaxethrowing.com/


Inuit Art Centre

The Wag

The Inuit Art Centre is breaking ground in 2017 and will be home to the world’s largest public collection of contemporary Inuit Art. It will be a community hub for exhibitions and programs, research and learning, studio practice and art making. The centre will be a must-do cultural experience for any local and visitors alike. http://inuit.wag.ca/


Fort Whyte Alive

1961 McCreary Rd.

Fort Whyte Alive offers tours and outdoor adventures for all ages that range from a couple hours, to seasonal programs, corporate retreats and bison safaris. You can experience nature and the outdoors all year long with your friends and family. https://www.fortwhyte.org/events/ecotours/


Haunted Tours

Various Locations

Winnipeg is home to a number of historically haunted sites. Scary right? Well, imagine an even out on a guided tour through some of these sites. From http://www.doorsopenwinnipeg.ca/events/ or http://www.theoriginalhaunt.ca/about.html


Food and Drink Tours

Downtown and The Exchange

Winnipeg is privileged to say the least in the diversity and quality of cuisine. At times it is overwhelming to choose. Problem solved. Why not take the decision out and take part in one of the many food, wine, bar or craft beer tours offered by Winnipeg. You’ll get to sample and experience multiple locations, all in one exquisite night. Check out the tour options available from these fine companies. Exchange Tours https://www.exchangedistrict.org/tours/food-tours/ and Downtown Winnipeg Tours https://downtownwinnipegtours.com/


The Murals of Winnipeg

Various Locations

Winnipeg is home to over 400 city-wide murals, done by local artists. Spend some time adventuring around the city to see and discover them all. Not only will it take you to new and interesting places through the urban areas but give you some background and perspective on the inspiration local artists drew from their surroundings. Can you catch them all? http://themuralsofwinnipeg.com/index.php


Architecture Tours

Various Locations

Although not know to many as an architecturally gifted city per say, there are a number of sites and structures with design and history that one can’t help but be enthralled by. Take an afternoon guided tour and learn about the history of some of Winnipeg most interesting structures. http://www.winnipegarchitecture.ca/tours/


There’s so much more to The Peg than we know, you’ve got to get out there and explore! Sincere thanks to everyone who helped compile and contribute.