Welcoming to our coaching team…

Matthew Asmundson

Coach’s Biography

Coach Matt is extremely passionate about all things related to training. From the age of 13 when he bought his first gym membership, he was hooked. Over the years, a passion for training, nutrition and living a balanced lifestyle was forged. In January of 2014, he was convinced to join Crossfit Niverville. Instantly amazed by the Crossfit community and the holes that Crossfit workouts exposed in his fitness, Matt was once again hooked. Fast-forward to July 2013, Matt attended a Level 1 Seminar while working in Alberta, returned home for school and immediately began coaching and running specialized programming at Crossfit Niverville.

Matt is working on his Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of Manitoba and is an Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach with the Bison Football team. He is working towards multiple certifications (CEP & CSCS) and plans to attend the Crossfit Level 2 Seminar in the very near future. He has a passion for providing a high level of Crossfit coaching, sport performance training, injury prehab/rehab exercise and movement quality enhancement. He is constantly improving his coaching ability by reading training books, listening to podcasts and attending University on a daily basis. He believes Crossfit is one of the best ways to enhance not just your fitness, but more importantly, your quality of life – you get to learn new things and improve your fitness with great people in a supportive and efficacious environment.