Weekly Preview


Weekly Preview CROSSFIT OPEN, WEEK 1 Congrats to every one who came by Saturday to complete week 1 of this year’s open.What an amazingly energetic and enthusiastic display of camaraderie, […]

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Today's WOD

Mobility, 2min each:
A. Lax ball, calf smash/roll
B. Banded hip mobility

2 Rounds:
15/12 Cal AB
10/10 KB Lunges
10 Wall slides (weighted)

Post-W/O Challenge:
4min pigeon pose
Crossfit (Fitness)
Push Press (4 sets, 2-3 reps at 75%+)
Every minute, for 16 minutes:

M1: 2-3 push press 75-80%
M2: Inverted, negative or ring Push Ups – 8-10 reps (HSPU)
M3: 4-6 negative pull ups or (3-4 MU or 6-8 C2B)
M4: ring support, plank or hollow hold (L-Sit)
Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

10 DB/KB Thrusters, 35/25 (50/35)
20 Sit-ups
30 (60) Double-unders
Take the first 2-3 minutes to set a challenging pace and try to maintain for sprint the second half. Light weight, fast reps.