Weekly Preview


Weekly Preview CROSSFIT OPEN, WEEK 1 Congrats to every one who came by Saturday to complete week 1 of this year’s open.What an amazingly energetic and enthusiastic display of camaraderie, […]

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Today's WOD

Mobility, 2min each:
A. Foam roll hamstrings
B. Goblet hold, active

2 Rounds:
1 L quad crawl
10 plate squats with pause
6/6 KB/DB press and 2x twists + 3/3 push press

Post-W/O Challenge:
4min in an active bar hang
Crossfit (Fitness)
Overhead Squat (7 sets, 5,5,5 | 3,3,2,2 reps at 75-85%)
Building to est. a 2RM or 3RM

Accessory: 3 rounds
10 Cal AAB
10 KBS
Metcon (Time)
Five rounds for time of:
15 Calorie Row (20/15 Cals)
15 Pull-Ups (5 MU/BMU)
15 Wall Balls, 20/14
Pick a pace and rep scheme and grind through it!