Weekly Preview


Weekly Preview CROSSFIT OPEN, WEEK 1 Congrats to every one who came by Saturday to complete week 1 of this year’s open.What an amazingly energetic and enthusiastic display of camaraderie, […]

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Today's WOD

6-8min Coach-led Couplet, Triplet or EMOM. Move well.

Post-W/O Challenge:
4min of couch stretch
Crossfit (Fitness)
Front Squat (6 sets, 1-2 reps)
Controlled decent, explode up

Warm up to 70% and then six heavy singles at 70-85%+

Aim for every 90s (9min)
Metcon (Time)
16-min AMRAP of "Cannonball"
21/15 Calorie Row (15/10 bike/ski)
15 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
7 Squat Cleans,115/85 (155/105)

*option to sub 200m run for the row/bike