The Lent Challenge

Traditionally, lent is a solemn religious observance spanning the 40 days Jesus was said to have fasted in the desert; enduring temptation. Although we’re not catholic or religious by any means, the challenge of enduring temptation to the betterment of one’s self or another is something we, as fitness enthusiasts,  can certainly appreciate. So anyways, here’s the challenge…

The Challenge

Lent 2015 runs from Wednesday, February 18 to Thursday, April 2 (40 days) and the challenge is to choose a luxury or something in your life to give up for that time period. It can be anything you want but make it challenging, meaningful and see it through! We’re not asking you to sign up or anything but let us know if you’re doing it and we’ll all suffer together.

Common suggestions are giving up sweets, trying out a diet/exercise plan (paleo perhaps), giving up a hobby, hot water, personal transportation, social media, etc. – but in all seriousness (or lack there of) get creative! Find a friend, pick something and do it! Coach Taylor is and is looking for others to share in the pain.

Coach Taylor

Last year coach Taylor gave up television (TV, movies, etc.) and this year he’s stepping it up a notch and taking on… wait for it… sitting. Yes, sitting!

For 40 days, aside from driving and a vehicle, coach Taylor will be giving up the use of chairs, couches, benches and any other seat-friendly objects.

Why? “Sitting is almost my #1 pet peeve, it drives me crazy and frankly the negative impacts it has on the body and mind are completely opposed to all the I stand for in term of health, well-being and mobility. It can be done and I’m going to do it. Period.”

The Prize

  • First, after 40 days you will be better off for 1. accomplishing something you set out to do, 2. refraining from a luxury you probably didn’t need in the first place.
  • Second, if you let us know you’re doing it and successfully complete it 100% (honor system) we’ll throw your name into a draw for a free month at CrossFit Corydon. That’s right, FREE FITNESS.
  • And lastly, we’ll have some kind of a party/WOD and social get together to celebrate with all the chocolate, chairs and fitness that you can imagine for all those who want to take part.

If you wanna do it and be entered in for the prize, email us or send us a message on FB, website, etc.

This is going to be fun!