Introducing Weekly Yoga with Du Vaughn

Thursday nights from 7:00-8:00pm


Starting in April we’ll be offering a weekly 1-hour yoga class instructed by Du Vaughn. This will not be your traditional yoga session; it will be tailored to the needs of CrossFitters and general fitness enthusiasts. What this means is that in addition to some of the traditional poses and sequences it will incorporate a combination of dynamic stretching techniques as opposed to static stretching and emphasize more muscle release poses and mobility movements adapted to the meet the needs of high volume strength and conditioning programs such as CrossFit.

This will be no-charge to all CrossFit Corydon members and open to their friends and family for a small drop in fee. This is going to be fun!

About Instructor Du

Born and raised in Winnipeg Du began practicing yoga when he was 18 years of age, inspired by transcendental promises. Now 31, he still chops wood and carries water. He has practiced many different forms of asana over the years, but has particular interest in systems developed by Cameron Shayne and Scott Sonnon. These two individuals revolutionized his understanding of asana, and it has been a great honor to train with and learn under both of them. Osu.

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The Philosophy: Why Yoga?

With general exercise, strength and conditioning training and during the course of the a regular work day our bodies simply tighten up; and when muscles tissues and tendons tighten our range or motion decreases and risk of injury in both training and life outside the gym increases. Contrary to what we wish to believe, more exercise does not necessarily help to release the muscle tissue, particular during strength and/or conditioning programs. Thus, we need a way to actively release this tissue on open up our range of motion to improve our general modality. In addition, with increase range of motion and modality comes the opportunity for improved muscle recruitment and activation during training that benefits our performance.

Now, we can go for massages, muscle release treatment, see professional chiropractors and physiotherapists such as our friends below but we also our it to ourselves to take an active role in maintaining our bodies and the adapted yoga combined with dynamic stretching and mobility is a perfect compliment (not supplement) to both training and professional treatment.

Some of our friends…

So come join the fun!

  • Members can sign up as they wish
  • Drop ins may either register online or drop in at the scheduled time.