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  • Conor L., CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    Great people. Great atmosphere. Knowledgeable coaches. Highly recommend to anyone interested in doing crosscut.

    Conor L.
  • Allyssa B. , CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    Crossfit Corydon has assisted me to accomplish so many of my fitness goals. I’ve seen more personal improvement over the last year than training anywhere else! Going to the gym is always the best part of my day! The community is absolutely incredible, I️ have learnt so much from the coaches and it is such a positive and welcoming space!

    Allyssa B.
  • Brendan H. , CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    It's been about a year now at CrossFit Corydon. I can easily attest to these guys knowing what they're doing. After hearing what my desires were in terms of muscle and strength growth, they've come up with a perfect regimen for me to get into the shape I've always wanted to be in. Shane and the other coaches are always keeping a close eye to ensure that you're lifting the right way.

    Brendan H.
  • Mike M. , CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    I started at CrossFit Corydon in May of 2016. I started to help supplement my Muay Thai training as an amateur fighter. I fell in love with it instantly. The coaches are amazing, dedicated, motivational and inspirational. Although due to my sport I am on and off at CC because of injuries, I get back whenever I can and it always feels like I never left. As I transition from fighting I can see CrossFit taking its place to fill my competitive desire!

    Mike M.
  • Chaya P., CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    I joined Crossfit Corydon when I moved to Winnipeg earlier this year. At that point, I had been doing CrossFit for a year and was still pretty light on most of my lifts. Thanks to good coaching and inspiration from fellow members, I think I have surpassed any ideas I had around how well I can do in CrossFit. I like the warm and down to earth style of coaching here.

    This is a small and lovely community of impressive athletes that not only helped me improve my performance but also gave me a group of friends in a new city. I have made some great friends and had the most fun of my time in Winnipeg at CFC.

    Chaya P.
  • Tanya P., CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    What a wonderful place! I'm so glad that I've stepped into it a year ago knowing nothing about Crossfit. It changed my body and open my mind! On the practical note, much more efficient than just going to gym in terms of time and outcome. And most importantly, it's the people there. Just a special kind. Sort of a family. Give it a try! Be persistent!

    Tanya P.
  • Lewis G., CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    Shane and Taylor are awesome guys, and their gym is great. Excellent coaching, great facilities and an all-around good time. I'd recommend CFC for anybody of any fitness level looking to get into CrossFit, or even just increase their overall fitness. Super positive experience.

    Lewis G.
  • Toni S. , CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    Great gym run by a couple of guys that care about the community and atmosphere they build.
    Very supportive owners/coaches and a nice group of members.
    My daughter and I started a year ago and under their guidance have made huge improvements in our technique, fitness and strength.

    I strongly recommend Crossfit and especially Crossfit Corydon!

    Toni S.
  • Grischka H. , CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

     great welcoming environment created by its members, made me feel at home when I came to visit.

    Grischka H.
  • Aaron S., CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    Great location, coaches, and community! 

    Aaron S.
  • Ryan H., CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    Back in BC now, but loved the drop in cross fit class that I did at your box! Thank you and see you next time I am back in Winnipeg.

    Ryan H.
  • Matt D., CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    I've been a member of Crossfit Corydon for a little over a year. In that time I've seen my strength and general fitness improve tremendously. I can attribute this 100% to the fact that I really enjoy going to the gym now, and that can be attributed 100% to the amazing coaches and members at Crossfit Corydon.

    Matt D.
  • Brittany D., CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    Amazing gym with an open and welcoming atmosphere. The coaches make sure you always leave feeling better than you did when you first walk in. 

    Brittany D.
  • Marc A. , CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    Amazing and knowledgable staff! Very fun and encouraging! Highly recommended!!!

    Marc A.
  • Ashley M., CrossFit Corydon Testimonials

    My wife and I joined CFC 2 years ago when we moved to Winnipeg and wow, what a ride!  Crossfit is the most amazing approach to fitness you will ever find that is guaranteed to improve your life if you leave your ego at the door and open your mind, it's not the crossfit games, it's not the videos you've searched on YouTube and no, not everyone is super fit.  We came to Crossfit to up our fitness level and take on a new challenge, we had no idea we would find friends that we now consider as close as family.  The hardest step in making a change in your life is knowing how to start, JUST, STEP.  Step into the gym, talk to the coaches, come do a free class, come and meet all of the members, us.  And if you don't like it, walk away-hope to see you soon!

    Ashley M.


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