Summer Running, It Happened So Fast.

The weather is warm, the snow is gone and the sidewalks are yours for the taking… Running season is upon us! Before you head out for your first run here’s a few things to keep in mind and some running technique links that can not only improve your run times but also your recovery and ease the post-running pain many feel in the joints.

And if it’s your first run this year, be smart and don’t make it your last…

  • pick a reasonable distance 2-3k
  • warm up and stretch properly before and after
  • wear proper running attire.

Spend 15-20min reading some of these blogs, articles and traveling through the main Pose site.. you will not be disappointed!

Intro to Running Technique and Performance Transfer

Running, walking, jogging weather it be for fun, a workout of simply to catch a bus has transference to other sports and aspects of our lives. Understanding the points of performance can not only alleviate joint and back pain caused by running out-of-alignment but it can also help to elevate your performance and confidence in your stride elsewhere.

Pre-run Mobility

Injury prevention starts well before exercise with proper diet, nutrition and technique; then continues pre-run with a dynamic warm-up and mobility routine and should finish post-run with some light dynamic stretching/cool down. You have the time.. Yes, you do!

The Pose Method

All inclusive Pose Method site

Running and CrossFit


Common Running Errors and How to Correct Them

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  • Landing with the heel first – land on the ball of your foot (BOF).
  • Heel strike with a straight leg – recipe for hurt knee and joints.
  • Landing ahead of the body, aka over-striding – keep your general center of mass (GCM) in line with your BOF.
  • Using quad muscles instead of the hamstrings (push off), and pulling the swing thigh and knee forward and up – pull the leg up with your hamstrings.
  • Landing on the toes with the body behind landing/foot – land on your BOF in line with your GCM.
  • Landing with stiff ankles/leg – relax the ankles and let them absorb the impact.
  • “Active landing” – don’t place your foot on the ground, let it fall naturally with gravity
  • Overall muscle tension – remember to stay loose, not rigid, even in your neck, back, and shoulders.
  • Active push/toe off, straightening the leg to propel the body forward – there is no need to push off and strain the calf muscle, just fall forward and let gravity do the work.
  • Holding the rear leg behind after leaving the support – allow the foot to drop back to the ground.
  • Leaning the trunk sideways or forward – lean from the ankles, not your waist, unless you want lower back pain.
  • Keeping the shoulders up and stiff – just relax!
  • Arms pumping – keep elbows relaxed and back, with the thumbs alongside your ribs.


Enjoy the season and let’s make it a long and progressive one!