Personal Training

For persons, groups and athletes that looking for personalized training, coaching and programming for both general fitness and/or sport-specific elite training.

Yes, we are a crossfit gym but that’s not all we do and that’s not what you may want to do. Our coaches are well versed in many aspects of strength/conditioning programs and training for general fitness for all ages and skill levels, so whether it’s a boot-camp style program or just some general fitness, we can help you out! And not just by putting you through the same circuit of machines or a treadmill… Real fun and functional fitness!

We offer personal and group training options for those with more focused goals or looking for a more personalized training and development program. Contact us for more details and exclusive member discounts on our personal training programs.

Personal Training

$80 Per 1-Hour Session

$70 Per 1-Hour Session, with 5-sessions pre-paid

Contact us for group rates.

This an excellent option if you’re looking for one-on-one coaching to develop a particular skill set such as power lifting, gymnastics, weightlifting, etc. or to take a more detailed approach at improving your overall strength, competitiveness or work capacity.