Personal Training (daytime)

For those looking for personalized training, coaching and programming. During non-class times, we open our gym floor up to 1-on-1 or small group personal training, with personalized programming to suit your goals. All ages, skill levels and exercise backgrounds are welcome.


Book a 60min session today to get your first workout in and build a plan for your lifestyle and goals. Personal nutrition planning is also available.

Whether it’s a boot-camp style program or just some general fitness, we can help you out! And not just by putting you through the same circuit of machines or a treadmill.

We offer personal and group training options for those with more focused goals or looking for a more personalized training and development program. Pricing below, subject to GST. Monthly packages also available.

  • $80/hr per session
  • $70/hr for 5 sessions ( sale $300 for 5 sessions, $50 savings )
  • $60/hr for 10 sessions ( sale $500 for 10 sessions, $100 savings ) BOOK 10 NOW
  • BOOK NOW or contact us for group rates 

When: Weekdays 7am-4pm or weekends 7am-9am & 4pm onward

This an excellent option if you’re looking for one-on-one coaching to develop a particular skill set such as power lifting, gymnastics, weightlifting, etc. or to take a more detailed approach at improving your overall strength, competitiveness or work capacity.


Team & Group Training

Have a team, group or need for some specialized or sport-specific training?

Our coaches take pride in building regular workout plans or weekly group sessions designed to introduce variety and challenging workouts that build mental and physical strength, plus bring your team camaraderie together. We suffer together today, to be stronger tomorrow! If you’ve got a passion for living well through exercise, we’ve got you. Adaptable programs built for your lifestyle that build the strength, power and endurance to take on life’s challenges.

Contact us for group rates