Marie Grandmont

Marie joined CFC way back in the spring of 2016. Since then, she has not only become a staple member / personality of our community but has been one of our most avid and loyal supporters since day one. Her contributions to our gym, community and the energy she and her family brings every week are incredible to say the least.

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Grace Tablan

Grace joined CFC May 2018 and in the short 7-months since joining has not only made some dramatic movement and strength progress but has become staple personality in the CFC community.

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Curtis Orrock

Curtis joined CFC nearly 3 years ago and has been a consistent, humble and genuine member of the CFC community ever since. What started out as sporadically dropping in for a workout here and there has evolved into a staple personality in both Barbell Club and CrossFit classes.

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Mike & Kristin Toogood

Mike & Kristin have been with CFC from the begin and have grown with us into an incredible pair for human beings and staple member sof our community. They love high-fives!

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Sharron Painchaud

Sharron joined CFC winter 2018 looking to get up, out and moving. She wanted something new, different and that would challenge here, and we really think she's found all that and much more in our CFC community. She joining, she's not only had some major fitness/exercise successes but major health/lifestyle changes as well.

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Geoff Konrad

eoff joined CFC summer 2017 looking for something safe, challenging and of a reasonable time commitment to compliment his family and work life outside of the gym. He's since become a staple personality around CFC and regular contender for score of the day on our leaderboards.

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