Nick Pankiw

Nick joined CFC less than a year ago but has quickly become one of our most consistent, coach-able and all round progressive members since then.

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Ray Huynh

Ray joined CFC summer 2018 and has become a daily mainstay in both CrossFit and Barbell classes. His progress, worth ethic, attention to detail and sheer volume of mobility, maintenance and effort that he puts into every class, every day is legendary to say the least.

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Cameron “Cam” Holm

Cam joined CFC just short of a year ago, eager to see what the whole "crossfit" thing was about and change up his exercise regime. Since joining, he's become a daily 4PM staple to our community and fan-favorite for energy and positive from our members and coaches.

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Micky Furlong

Micky has been a part of the community since February 2015 and was CFC's first member. His continued support, commitment to fitness and progress in strength, movement and capacity over the last 4 years cannot be overstated.

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John Arnott

John joined CFC in 2017 with a history and profession in and around a variety of up and coming athletes and general health / wellness, he quickly caught the CF-bug and has since been a stable and ever-improving part of the CFC community.

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Marie Grandmont

Marie joined CFC way back in the spring of 2016. Since then, she has not only become a staple member / personality of our community but has been one of our most avid and loyal supporters since day one. Her contributions to our gym, community and the energy she and her family brings every week are incredible to say the least.

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