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Cinthya and Margarita

August 2015



About Our Athletes

Both Cinthya and Margarita started crossfit this spring and were apart of one of our first on-ramp (intro) groups. Since then they’ve been regular attendees to crossfit and barbell (Olympic weightlifting) classes; and boy does it show in their numbers! The enthusiasm, movement progress and positive energy they approach every class, warm-up, workout and repetition is exceptional. In addition, they maintain an active life outside of CFC that you’ll read below. We, as coaches, cannot express how awesome this is!

A little more about them…

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective?
C: CFC is everything I need: energetic, boisterous, focused and relaxing.
M: Can I just use the 1st words that come to mind? CFC is Welcoming, Energetic, Awesome!

What is your favourite part of CFC
C: The high fives from the coaches and other CrossFitters after crushing a WOD… Even when I’m drowning in sweat.
M: I like the coaching aspect. I very much appreciate that each coach takes the time to ensure that I am doing things properly.

Favourite movement/workout?
C: Clean and Jerk
M: I’ve enjoyed learning new things and like that gymnastics movements are incorporated into crossfit, I want to master a handstand.

Least favourite movement/workout
C: Definitely feel challenged with push jerks
M: Hummmmmmm……. Probably a strict press – I always want to use my legs and upper body strength is my weakness.

Proudest accomplishment, thus far? 
C: Establishing 195lbs as my 3 rep max on deadlifts – boom!
M: Overhead squatting 5 sets in a row and hitting 55lbs.  It doesn’t seem like a lot but considering I couldn’t even do one with an empty bar without falling before I would say that has been my biggest accomplishment.  And if I can brag a little more I was very excited when I recently held a supported handstand for a minute and seven seconds… one step closer to my goal of holding it unsupported for longer than a few seconds.


Which coach has the best smile?
C: Depends on who’s asking 😉
M: It’s a secret 😉

What got you interested in Crossfit? And what keeps you coming back?
C: My workout routine had become really stale. I desperately need to be challenged. The coaches’ guidance combined with the strength and confidence I’ve gained in a short time keeps me coming back for more.
M: I am a runner and want to be a better rounded athlete.  I feel I have good cardio endurance but as soon as you add some weights to the mix my endurance goes down, especially with upper body – I don’t have a lot of upper body strength.  I thought crossfit would help me with this and I was right – it has.  The feeling of accomplishment I get when I do things and carry weight that I never imagined doing/ lifting before is what keeps me coming back.  The people and atmosphere definitely help too.

What are some of your activities outside of CFC?
C: Obstacle course racing and 10Ks
M: Outside of crossfit I am a working mom of 2 kids. I am also training for my 3rd half marathon.

Do you have any goals set for the near future?
C: Pull-ups and toes to bar. If I can do those – I can do anything!
M: As you can tell from my replies inside of CFC my goal is to hold a handstand unsupported for longer than a few seconds (already reached the goal of doing it for a few seconds) maybe even eventually do a handstand walkJ  — outside of CFC I am wanting to run my half marathon straight, without any walking breaks and beat my time from last year.  

Little known fact…
C: I like to dabble in landscape photography.
M: As you can see by my replies – I tend to ramble 😛


Coaches Comments

The attitude that they bring each and every time they show up is infectious. They always have a smile on their face; before, during and after all the work is done. And those smiles help me bring out some extra energy and adds some levity to the entire class. They are always pushing their comfort zone and the weights they choose to use, and it shows in all the results they get. They make all the work they do seem so fun and enjoyable and it lets me know that we are on the right track to training each and everyone of our athletes. Can’t wait to see where they go from here! – Coach Jason

They smile, they listen, they work, they listen some more, and work even harder. They are committed and just such top notch athletes to coach and be around every class. My favorite thing about both Margarita and Cynthia is that they are great listeners – they follow warm-ups and mobility programming perfectly which showcases positive training habits. They work with each other on technique but also love to push each other, with the perfect balance between the two. They SMILE – members that smile make me smile are the best because then we all smile and the environment in class is just so awesome! They express their fitness in ways outside of the gym (runs, obstacle courses). In summary, these two truly embody and showcase what CFC is all about – smiling, dedication and hard work! – Coach Matt


They are highly coach-able and not a class goes by that I don’t see them push to their potential for that day. They fight for every rep, hold their pause squats for ever second and don’t overload the weight. I cannot express how awesome it has been to watch their movement patterns change and watch them go at every metcon with 100% effort. – Coach Taylor


Margarita and Cinthya are two of my favorite athletes to coach. Since day once when I met them – they gave everything there all, and listened to every cue I had for them. From that first day until now, they are leaps and bounds fitter – especially in the realm of CrossFit. When it comes to these two athletes, I think back to how Greg Glassman (CrossFit Founder) explains world class fitness, and that’s to eat properly, practice and train major lifts, master gymnastics, bike, swim, row, etc hard and fast. He mentions that routine is the enemy and that you should learn to regularly learn and play new sports. When I think of these two, so many of those factors stick with me because I see these ladies train hard, do there half marathons, do there mud runs, and constantly change it up. That’s why they have my vote for Septembers athlete spotlight. – Coach Shane


The CFC Coaching Team