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Rosie Gupta

October 2015

About The Athlete

Rosie has been with CFC from the beginning, as a part of our first on-ramp (intro) program and one of our first members. She came in with optimism to try this thing called “crossfit” and an inspiring attitude to build back her strength and stamina to better prepare her for her growing sons and what ever else the future would entail. She is a staple regular with our 6am crew and has made some incredible strides in terms of movement mechanics and strength in joining.

A little more about them…

I started Cross Fit Corydon in March of 2015 with the first on ramp program. I had heard so many great things about Cross Fit from friends who were actively involved in the program. I really needed to get into shape and make a lifestyle change that would be a part of my everyday active living. Since I have joined Cross Fit Corydon (CFC) I have met so many wonderful people. Coming from a non fitness background I was not sure what I signed up for and if I could keep up with the program; however with the continuous encouragement and positive reinforcement from the coaches and members we all help each other to strive for excellence and attaining our goals. – Rosie

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective? image
Cross Fit Corydon to me is a friendly, energetic, positive, and welcoming community environment. I am so thrilled of how much I have learned about Cross Fit and the movements I am able to perform.

Proudest accomplishment, thus far? 

My favourite movement or skill that I am working towards are squats. I am most excited about the depth and weight I am able to achieve in my movements. I have never believed I could achieve so many goals and feel great doing it.

Least favourite movement/workout

My least favourite or least coordinated movement are burpees but I will get that movement perfected soon enough.

How do you like the Coach-led environment?

The coaches at CFC have been such an integral part of my success. Matt has been working tirelessly and coming up with new and innovative ways for my workouts to be effective. I never get bored because each day is something new and I am always building towards my goals.

Without the knowledgeable team of couches Matt, Shane, Taylor, and Jason who bring positive energy and continuous encouragement even at 6:00 am classes I would never have been able to get to where I am today.

What are some of your activities outside of CFC?

Outside of Cross Fit I enjoy biking, cooking, baking, learning to swim again, and being an active parent with my two little boys Vinay(7)and Sanjay(5). Cross Fit  has given me so much positive energy to keep up with the my boys and dog Oreo (9), as well as being a better wife, (helping with home reno’s), parent and role model to our sons..

Do you have any goals set for the near future?

My future goals are to run a marathon, join a dragon boat race team, and continue growing in my movements at CFC.

Little known fact…

I enjoy a good glass of red wine on occasion, and family time with my four amazing guys.


Coaches Comments

The first time I met Rosie, her positive energy, optimism and determination to improve her strength and stamina was clearly evident. For the first couple months, day-in and day-out at 6am we’d scale back and work through the basics and not once was there a day that her determination or attitude faltered. Although I don’t see her as much in person, I am astounded every time I look her up on our leader board at the progress in strength and workout performance she is now achieving. Her work ethic is inspiring to say the least and demeanor second to none. – Coach Taylor

When I’ve had the rare chance to coach Rosie, she is has been so upbeat (particularly for 6:00am) and just awesome with work ethic and scaling to meet her goals and needs – Coach Jason.

I believe Rosie is a true testament of what we are all about at CFC – getting people to be better everyday. She religiously attends the 6am class and works to her maximum potential every time. Rosie came to us with limited experience in strength training and some movement issues. Over the past few months, I have been able to consistently coach and monitor Rosie’s progress, and let me tell you, it has been astonishing. Going from a very immature squat to now goblet squatting the 20kg KB for 8-12 reps is a huge amount of progress from where she started. Her capacity in movements such as burpees and rowing have also gone through the roof. Modifications were a must for many of the workouts, but she has never once given attitude or doubted the program. I am truly excited to see what Rosie’s future accomplishments will be at CFC in the very near future. I take pride in Rosie’s successes and truly enjoy coaching her bright and early every morning. I wish more mom’s out there would exemplify the type of character Rosie does and set such a great example/role model for their kids. She has taken her movement quality, health and fitness to whole new levels and she is just getting started! – Coach Matt

Rosie is a CrossFit Corydon original. Rosie came into the first CFC onramp and embraced CrossFit with open arms. With the goal to move again, Rosie takes every thing we teach her in stride. Understanding that movement needs to come first, and the rest will follow suit. Her positive attitude is contagious, and she’s what I would deem a great role model to have around the gym. Being a role model in CrossFit is often paired with someone who PR’s all the time, or who lifts the most weight, but in my eyes the kind of role model Rosie portrays is one that works hard, works on her weaknesses, and listens to every word a coach has to offer. – Coach Shane


The CFC Coaching Team