Cameron Holm


About The Athlete

Cam joined CFC just short of a year ago, eager to see what the whole “crossfit” thing was about and change up his exercise regime. Since joining, he’s become a daily 4PM staple to our community and fan-favorite for energy and positive from our members and coaches.

After a few short months his strength, condition and movement progress really took off. Cam’s dedication to working on his weaknesses, learning new skills and never shying away from something he doesn’t know or like is incredibly motivating to observe. And, he does it with about as much positivity as anyone that’s ever walk through out doors. We were exceptionally excited to see complete the 2019 Open Workouts and really can’t wait to see where his hard work, dedication and pure delight for exercise takes him in the future.

Congrats and keep pushing it.

What got you into Crossfit, how long have you been doing it and what keeps you coming back?
Years ago when coach Steph joined the gym she mentioned to my little sister that she had joined a crossfit gym, I remember bugging her because I at the time assumed crossfit was the fastest way to having shoulder and or back surgery before 30 so I bugged her about it. A few years later after trying the whole gym bro thing by myself (obviously paying off with incredible dividends and gains) I reached out to Steph to see if she was still in it, she replied yes and told me to come down for a class! Before going to my first class I binged watched every crossfit documentary on Netflix, subscribed to Craig Richey and a few other crossfit members on YouTube and took in as much information as I could to prep myself for the momentous occasion.
My first class was June 5th, 2018, we worked on Back Squats (a whopping 65 LB back squat, not too far off what I could do now!), Front Squats (with just the empty barbell!) and Overhead Snatches (with a pvc pipe!) I remember the Metcon like it was yesterday, thinking I would blow people out of the water and be the next Matt Fraser in 2 months, little did I know what was in store! The Metcon consisted of a 500 M Row/40 Air Squats/30 Sit Ups/20 Push Ups and 10 Ring Rows. I couldn’t even complete 30 Sit Ups before I wanted to cry! (So almost nothing has changed in that department) After the class I remember leaving drenched in sweat, hurting everywhere and it felt like I was breathing fire. The next day I got a text from Steph asking how I liked the class and if I was coming back, I knew as I was driving home after the first class I was going to sign up because even though everyone in the class was completely exhausted, we were all laughing and having a great time afterwards because we all suffered through it together. Those moments after a tough class or Metcon is what keeps me coming back week after week!

What are some of your non-crossfit hobbies or activities?

Apart from CrossFit I love attending concerts to go jump around and of course hop into the most pit, because who doesn’t love getting covered in other people’s sweat while attempting to sing or shout the lyrics back at the band while also avoiding flying body parts such as fists, elbows, knees and feet!?

My main choice of music might surprise some, as it is heavier music, I enjoy a wide variety of it, favorites include Comeback Kid/Anti-Flag/Letlive./Protest The Hero and George Watsky. I also enjoy stand up comedy, I have many favorites but the comedians my comedic taste seems to take after the most are Ari Shaffir and Joe DeRosa. In my spare time I also enjoy going to see movies, my top movies in no order are: The Cloverfield Trilogy, Detroit Rock City and Four Brothers. I like to imagine I am going to be a famous WWE superstar or a UFC phenomenon one day and capture the hearts of the millions… AND MILLIONS! However I doubt I will be but if I were to be, my walk out song for either would be Dolly Parton’s “9-5” as nothing is more terrifying than a person walking towards you with the sole intent of beating you up while humming “working 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’!” Other activities I do for fun: I am a fourth line beer league superstar known by every referee as “The loudest guy on the ice who never shuts up”

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective…

A family of supportive people all with a common goal to achieve their own goals whether that be for health, personal gains or to have a fun time while getting a workout!

What is your favorite part of CFC?

My favorite part about CFC is the positive attitude and supportive community. Countless times I have shown up to a class not wanting to go, contemplating even showing up due to being tired or down in the dumps and after the class I am always glad I showed up not only for the workout and supportive coaches with their wealth of knowledge but also for the fun time I had with all of the members and the smile I usually have on my face as I leave!

Favorite and least favorite movement/workout, and why?

Favorite: Front Squat, I feel I can do them pretty efficiently without too many hiccups

Least Favorite Movement: It is a tie between Overhead Squats and whatever weird stretches coach Steph has in store during the warm up, bodies aren’t supposed to bend that way!

Favorite superhero, band/musician or celebrity, and why?

Favorite Celebrity: Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions. He isn’t afraid to be himself at all times no matter the situation and he gives me the confidence to do that as well!

Biggest/proudest/latest accomplishment or PR?

Proudest accomplishment as of late has been completing my first ever Open. Those workouts were rough! It seemed as though whomever was designing them knew exactly what my weaknesses were and put them all together each week!


What’s your take on our coaching team?

Taylor: His programming is absolutely based around what I am awful at, I am convinced he looks at my worst movements and says “Fantastic, enjoy these workouts Cam!” Also, watching him warm up makes me tired!

Shane: The first coach I ever met! His constant positivity and smile always brightens my mood! I can confidently say he has the best dance moves of anyone at CFC!

Jason: My first memory of coach Jason was when I graduated from on ramp and he was coaching the regular class I was attending, he took off his shirt and was showing everyone his repaired pectoral muscle with the little divet in it! Apart from the memory of him shirtless he is always amped up and full of energy that gets me going!

Tyler: He is always getting me to work on my ankle mobility and depth of my squating which I am not great at so I enjoy listening and absorbing his knowledge! Almost everytime I see him he has some new contraption makeshift weight thing he is working with for his forearms or something else as well which I enjoy

Lyndsay: With her experience in competitive crossfit competitions and her knowledge of crossfit she applies it incredibly to her coachings and always has an interesting story to share during class!

Lisa: Her approach to coaching a class is precise and intricate, she knows how to tweak a movement or tell you what you are doing wrong and fix it specifically for you almost immediately. She has the most patience of all the coaches towards me I feel as she has told me numerous times the kipping movement and yet I am still reminded how to do it every class from her!

Michelle: She was my main coach in on ramp and to this day everytime there is a class with deadlifts or a snatch complex I remember her telling everyone to not lift like a stripper and and to avoid bending your back, it isn’t sexy! Keep your core tight, your back straight and your eyes forward!

Sara: Her attention to detail when coaching is fantastic, I feel when she is coaching a class I am in she is right beside me the whole time due to my inability to apply what she is telling me!

Steph: She is always getting me to use more weight even when I am not confident I can, however, everytime she does I can manage to lift it! She gives me confidence when she isn’t yelling at me! Also, I thought I was loud but I don’t hold a candle to the wind compared to when Steph is coaching!

Every coach at CFC has had a impact on me with their positive attitudes, bright smiles, patience with me learning anything at a snail’s pace and their willingness to listen to and answer any questions I have brought to them. I would like to say thank you to all of them for helping me become who I am today and who I will become in the future! (CrossFit Games Champion, I’m coming for you Mat Fraser!)

Do you have any goals set for the near future – in or outside of CFC?

AfIn the near future I would love to run a half marathon, attend my first yoga class (I hear Mickey is a yogi son I feel I should ask him about it!) and be able to do 25 Double Unders unbroken (currently I can do 3 if the wind is right) Outside of fitness goals I would like to attend a play, the ballet and go on a trip by myself somewhere!


Give us a little known fact about yourself…

I have been known to sleep eat on occasion. For example, if a bowl of some kind of finger food or snacks are left out in the open near the area I am sleeping, I might wake up with the bowl empty, having no recollection of my consumption. I have received corroborating reports about this act from multiple friends.

Coaches Comments


Cam, what can I say. The energy and enjoyment I see in your eye every day I walk in makes me wonder if there’s something in the chalk bucket. The dedication you show before, after, during classes and in open-gyms to work on skills is incredible. Not a week goes by it seems that you’re not picking up something new or I hear of the extra work your putting in from the coaches.
When Cam started, he was already fired up.. Just aching to get his heart rate up and bask in that glazed over glory we can metabolic-conditioning, “the pain cave”, etc. and I am honored to regularly be not only one who puts him there but to be there with him in class or on the leaderboard. Effort level MAX. Energy level MAX. Positivity level MAX.
I can say thank-you enough for what you bring to classes and the community. Ps. remember that partner WOD we did together, where we almost died.. well, we didn’t die and I have a strong spidey-sense that Cam-Taylor will one day rule again! – Coach Taylor

Cam is the best. Probably one of the funniest people I know. His story telling capabilities are admirable and he knows how to make anyone laugh in any situation.

I knew Cam before he started at CFC and let me tell you, a Crossfit gym is the last place I thought he’d end up.. back in the day I took some serious heat for being a “crossfitter”. (He was obviously just jealous of my sick bicep crease).
But just like everyone else, he has officially caught the Crossfit bug. I guess we’re not so bad after all eh Cam?
He’s all in and I freaking love it. He even showed up to his first on-ramp class decked out in Mat Fraser’s metcons and had watched all the documentaries at least two times each. The dude likes to be prepared!

I love having Cam in my class. He is always eager to learn and responds well to feedback. He pays attention to the quality of his movement and asks lots of questions. He’s focused, and NEVER gets frustrated or upset.. I watched Cam practice double unders for an hour on a Sunday during open gym and not once did he slam his rope down and throw a tantrum like the rest of us did when we were first learning. I’m pretty sure I had to tell him to put the rope away and work on something else for a while.. ha!

Oh and it also took him all of 10 minutes to figure out kipping pull-ups and TTB’s. Next up… heavy-ER lifting!!
Thanks for letting me convince you try crossfit, and thanks for choosing to stick around. We love having you apart of the fam!! Great work Cam, I’m excited to watch you grow as an athlete and I look forward to the day when you aren’t afraid to add some weight to your barbell.. haha.- Coach Steph

Cam is bright smiles and tie-dyed hoodies. Brings sunshine into the gym with him! He works hard in and outside of class at skills he is committed to developing (double under’s are in the scope!!). He is patient, coachable, carries a tremendously attitude for life. Great teammate to have in class, and in the gym. Thank you for your spirit Cam! We love having you. ‘Hard rock, soft heart.’ – Coach Sara

Cam always seems genuinely happy to be at the gym, which is awesome, but the best part for me is how coachable he is. Always willing to listen, learn, and practice is every coaches dream. He’s a great addition to the CFC family. – Coach Linz

Cam is awesome. I haven’t coached him too much but the dude radiates pure positivity. Always smiling, always grinding, never complaining. Those are some excellent athlete of the month characteristics. Congrats Cam. – Coach Shane

Cam, you always put a smile on everyone’s face. You are always ready to come in and work your hardest and learn equally as hard. Your presence is always noticed. I don’t think we could put you in a bad mood even if we tried. – Coach Lisa


The CFC Coaching Team