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Cassandra & Mckenzie Hill

June 2017

About The Athletes

Mckenzie and Cassandra started dropping in at CFC January 2017 and have since not only become daily regulars but have represented CFC in their first CrossFit competition and continue to excel and exude the mentality and personalities of our community. They, both together as sisters and as individuals are hard working, passionate, fun-loving, light hearted and are driven to excel in both strength and movement progress.
These two challenge each other every day. When they started they would always share bars and lift side by side but as of late they’re on opposite end of the gym, secretly checking what the other is lifting and trying to best it either today or tomorrow. They create a great dynamic for our coaches and classes. Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing them represent CFC again in the near future.

Keep up the awesome work and congrats Cass and Mckenzie!

A little more about them…

What got you into Crossfit, how long have you been doing it and what keeps you coming back?

C:     Mckenzie had mentioned joining a box this past January and I had always been intrigued about Crossfit, so we decided to sign up together and start On Ramp. The competitive nature and the constant variation of movements and workouts is what keeps me coming back.
Side note: Mckenzie will try to say that she’s my fitness inspiration and that’s why I signed up…but that is false.
M:     I wanted to learn how to Olympic lift and decided to sign up for On Ramp January 2017. What keeps me coming back is that no matter the Metcon, lift  or WOD every class I leave it all on the floor.  There is nothing better than the high fives post WOD where (even though we are all dying a little on the inside) we celebrate what our bodies have just accomplished.  That to me is the best feeling.

What are some of your non-crossfit hobbies or activities?

C: I love being outdoors; so camping, canoe trips, hikes and snowboarding. I also play the bagpipes with the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band.
M:  Is fitness a hobby???  I honestly just love to move.  Yoga, TRX, Spin, Bootcamp, anything!  But I guess running would be my other hobby.  I have completed about 6 half marathons and this past fall I completed my first full marathon in Minnesota.

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective…

C:   An encouraging place where one can work on their fitness goals.
M:  A place to grow.

What is your favorite part of CFC?

C & M:   Definitely the people, everyone has been so encouraging. I love the feeling of camaraderie after getting through a tough WOD and that everyone cheers each other on.

Favorite and least favorite movement/workout, and why?

C: My favourite are cleans. I don’t know why, but I always feel badass doing multiple reps in a workout. Not really a movement… but I hate dropping the barbell from up high.
M:  My fave is front squat now… never would I have thought that!
Double unders. Fucking hate them. HATE them.

Favorite superhero, band/musician or celebrity, and why?

C: I can’t choose a favourite in any of those categories!
M: Anthony Bourdain…. His travels are unreal and I feel like we share a phenomenal passion for eating everything and anything.

Biggest/proudest/latest accomplishment or PR?

C: Placing third at Crossfit Winnipeg Summer Showdown. I had zero expectations, we had only been doing Crossfit for 6 months and I felt vastly unprepared. It was at the point where I was trying to come up with   excuses as to why we shouldn’t compete because I thought we were going to tank hard. It was definitely an amazing feeling stepping up on the podium with my sisters after killing those 4 workouts.
M: I think just competing was a phenomenal experience…. mostly because there was so much unknown.  I was most proud of how well we worked as a team though using everyone’s strengths.  Oh and learning how to to do a rope climb five minutes before our event!

What’s your take on our coaching team?

C: Ughh this is hard, everyone is amazing.
Taylor:  Every time I go to do any movement, I always think of Taylor’s go to cue: “butt tight, stomach tight, everything tight” and it’s really helped me be more aware that if you want to lift heavy, you need to be recruiting every muscle. Also, I’m always blown away at how consistent he is, I feel like he never has an “off” day.
Jenna:  I like that she’s quiet. You know that whenever she gives you advice or a compliment on what you’re doing, it’s important.
Jason:  I always know I’m going to laugh a lot when I see that Jason is coaching. He makes every class fun and always believes that I can add that extra weight.
Shane: “Living the dream” embodies Shane, is anything else needed to be said

Michelle:  Michelle’s gymnastics skills always blow my mind. I can’t wait to be even half as good as her.

Tyler and Steph: I can’t comment all that much, as most of the classes they teach are at 6am and 75% of the time my bed is way too comfy that early. However, the odd time that I do make it out, I appreciate that you guys get up that early so I can workout and you actually make it enjoyable.

M: Where do I start…?  Everyone has influenced me in some way, shape or form so thanks to all of you!

Taylor:  Look no further for someone who “walks the walk”.  I know that I am being taught quality movements in each of his classes.
Jenna:  She introduced herself and told me she was quiet.  She may be quiet but she knows exactly what cues to give to each person in class.
Jason:  How does anyone NOT have fun in his classes?! His passion for Crossfit is palpable and it shows in his coaching.  He has also taught me how to strategize for workouts…I’ve learned it’s not always “just go”
Shane: Positive energy.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that guy not smile while in the gym.
Michelle:  I remember Michelle teaching our On Ramp at the beginning and simply thinking “How the hell am I going to keep up with her?”  I still can’t.   But from her I have learned how consistency and concentration is key and she shows that in every workout.
Tyler and Steph: Thank you for getting up at an ungodly hour to coach us 6 am zombies!
One thing that I love about all of our coaches is that they are not just coaches but students as well.  Whether taking a workshop or taking a class they are all learning and improving themselves as well as their coaching.

Do you have any goals set for the near future – in or outside of CFC?

C:     1) Placing first at next years Crossfit Winnipeg Summer Showdown in non-RX. Mckenzie put this idea into my head and I think it would be amazing if we could do it. 2) Mastering kipping pull ups. 3) Not quite a goal, but I can’t wait to start my nursing degree this year!
M:  1) I want to learn more about the mechanics and techniques for Oly lifting and to gain more confidence (get over my fear of “failing” a lift). 2) A house…. I need a house, to have a backyard, to get a puppy:] 3) Get a full time Phys Ed teaching job so I can teach kids how to love moving their bodies!

Give us a little known fact about yourself…

C:    I was born with a cleft palate, so essentially a hole in the roof of my mouth. I have a pretty sick scar from the plastic surgery I had as a baby to fix it.
M: I don’t think this is very unknown but I love trashy TV.  Like LOVE it. The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Total Divas,  any House Wives of ____, First Dates etc.  I’m all over it.

Coaches Comments

McKenzie and Cassandra are new to crossfit but have caught on fairly fast. They bring a ton of energy and a fantastic attitude to CFC. Both are building their strength and endurance but the competitive nature in both is already on fire. My favorite part of a metcon with these 2 in class is the attitude after the work is done. They usually say ” Holly s**t ” that crushed me, but that was awesome. And from the smiles on their faces from their first competition you can tell they are hooked. I hope they continue to push and challenge themselves but most importantly continue to have as much fun as they do. Also we haven’t tried listening to bagpipes during a metcon maybe that will help. Lol. – Coach Jason

What can I say.. two of my favorite people to coach and lead, primarily because it makes my job as a coach very simple. They move well, approach the work and workouts with purpose and ask GREAT questions that show their interest and overall intelligence with body mechanics and movement that challenge our coaching team to stay on-top of their knowledge game. We frequently chat about all-things-hollow, related to gymnastics, weightlifting and rowing/running. With Mckenzie, she’s a sucker for pain. Loves it, craves it and amplifies her intensity to new levels in workouts. My comments and coaching with her are typically on pacing, engagement and don’t come flying out of the gate. With Cass, she’s one of the prettiest movers I’ve coached and comments to her are on stability and being a little more aggressive under and around that bar, she has an incredible amount of potential that’s going to surface over the next few months and I cannot wait to see it on the leaderboard.
Beyond that, they push themselves and each other every day, in every workout and do so without sacrificing their position or quality of movement. Honestly, they moved extremely well even before they started, all we’re doing is giving them the opportunity and program to further strengthen and accelerate their progress towards their goal. It’s truly been incredible to watch and be apart of their growth.  – Coach Taylor

Cassandra and Mackenzie remind me of me and my sister. Having the two of them in class is always a treat. They always pair together and play to each others strengths, not to mention there is some outfit sharing that happens on a regular basis. It’s also so amazing that after such a short time the girls teamed up to compete. Love their commitment to fitness, skill development, and positive attitudes! – Coach Michelle

Congrats Cass and Mckenzie! A couple of our newest members at CrossFit Corydon, right out of on-ramp decided to just annihilate any of the workouts we threw there way. Instantly you could tell they fell in love with the pain of the workouts, and have consistently been improving there techniques, lifts and metcon performances. I haven’t had a ton of hours coaching these two, but the couple of times times I have coached them I was impressed with the immediate adaptation of any cues I gave them inside or outside of a metcon. That’s what it takes to improve, and improve at a vast rate – coachablility and the willingness to move beautifully oppose to fast and sloppy. Congrats again you two, you’re a great addition to the CFC community! – Coach Shane


The CFC Coaching Team