Curtis Orrock


About The Athlete

Curtis joined CFC nearly 3 years ago and has been a consistent, humble and genuine member of the CFC community ever since. What started out as sporadically dropping in for a workout here and there has evolved into a staple personality in both Barbell Club and CrossFit classes. Curtis not has progressed leaps and bounds in strength, movement and aerobic capacity over this tenure with CFC but most notably in the last few months.

Our coaching team cannot say enough about the positive attitude, energy and work ethics he bring to every class and even every lift or squat. It’s not only a pleasure to coach and work alongside but also to get to spend quality time laughing and suffering a little now and then. We love you Curtis!

What got you into Crossfit, how long have you been doing it and what keeps you coming back?

I started Crossfit at the suggestion of a friend. I’ve been at CFC for a couple of years, and before that, I was at PCF. That’s where I met coach Shane. He’s a great coach and was a bit more laid back when he didn’t own the gym 😏

What are some of your non-crossfit hobbies or activities?

I like photography, travel and videography. I enjoy traveling to do obstacle course races as well. I do some website design on occasion for fun. I used to do paintball and jiu-jitsu and triathlon as far as sports go. I might get into Brazilian jiu-jitsu again. I spent about 6 years doing that and really liked it.

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective…

It’s all about the coaches.

What is your favorite part of CFC?

The coaches. Great staff, good attitude and very motivating. Or the funny one-liners you hear in the box.

Favorite and least favorite movement/workout, and why?

I love the snatch. However, one coach I had told me I should never hate or complain about any movement I want to get better at. So I love burpees. They are the best. Yup. Love em. So good.😐

Favorite superhero, band/musician or celebrity, and why?

I have a favourite gun and a favourite whiskey. I’m not 15 guys. 😜

Biggest/proudest/latest accomplishment or PR?

5 double unders….in a row.


What’s your take on our coaching team?

Shane – Great lifting coach. Funny guy with a good laugh. Inspires me to do more every time.

Jason – Excellent all around coach. He’s like the Joe Rogan of Crossfit. High energy, lots of fun, but more hair.

Michelle – Excellent lifting coach. Super strong. Gives me lots of valuable cues that have really helped me.

Steph – So much energy. She’s fun, a little crazy, and a sharp wit. Never lets me slack and knows how to motivate me. Says the right thing at the right time. Always.

Lisa – She’s a beast. Super strong and an inspiration. Has a great eye for lifting technique and good sense of humour. Never a dull moment.

Taylor – Calm cool and collected. Helps run the show and brings a sense of fun and calm to what could otherwise be chaos.

Tyler – Dark humour combined with weird stretches and mobility exercises you have never heard of but that will unlock all your joints. Some you didn’t even realize you had. Warm-ups are always a treat with him.

Do you have any goals set for the near future – in or outside of CFC?

  • I’ve been trying to get into angel investing and venture capitalism. Winnipeg might not be the best place for that.
    Would like to scuba dive the great blue hole in Belize sometime next year.
  • New years on the beach in Playa del Carmen this winter.
  • Peru or Chile in February and March
  • 30 unbroken double-unders, 5 Strict pull-ups, 1 bar muscle up
  • And a t-shirt from a box with a cool name. Must have skulls on it. I googled Psychobilly Crossfit. No hits. So that will probably have to wait. If someone starts that up though. At an auto wrecker. I’d go just for the t-shirt.


Give us a little known fact about yourself…

I saw three drag shows in Thailand in one night with a friend who is an erotic fiction writer. Her perspective on things made the night that much more fun. It was like flying over the grand canyon with a geologist. Actually, I think there was a “lady” there named Grand Canyon. 😏

Coaches Comments

Curtis has a fantastic attitude and has built a great strength base. Curtis has and continues to put in a lot of work. Not only has his strength increased but its his mobility that is the one area that I’ve noticed the biggest positive improvement on. He comes to class regularly and just does the work and actively listens to coaches cues and suggestions. He is quite but but that doesn’t mean his work ethic goes unnoticed. Keep up all the good work and the positive results will just keep coming in. – Coach Jason.

Curtis is just an incredible human being all around. Waltzes in every day, uber-positive and puts in not only the fullest of efforts but does so with laughter and humility. It’s almost infuriating how much positive energy he gives off and how every day post-workout he is always like,”I really liked that one.” Side note, he has the best gym-shirt wardrobe I’ve ever seen. But in all seriousness..
Curtis has been with us almost 3-years and I can remember the first couple of classes where I thought 1. Mobility is going to be a big challenge, and 2. Keeping him from dying from pushing so hard in workouts is going to be even more challenging. He’s progressed so well in strength and movement from starting, purely from giving a shit about him technique and putting the effort in on every lift. As a coach, getting to be a part of progress and seeing him advance to heavier weight and more advanced movements warms my soul.
He emulates everything we try to build our CFC community around and appreciate every time I get to post-workout fist-pump him as he lay in a sweaty puddle of progress. Congrats Curtis! You are killing it. – Coach Taylor

Curtis is the bomb. He’s pretty quiet (mostly) but full of character and funny! Although I don’t understand most of his sarcasm…poor guy. He’s also very mysterious… he isn’t one to disclose too much at once (tough for such a nosy girl like me).

I love coaching Curtis. He listens so attentively and works hard. As soon as he walks in the door, Curtis is ready for business. His attitude of always wanting to do better is evident in his performance. He crushes metcons and has increased his strength tremendously.

My favourite is how dedicated to the barbell he is. The barbell is definitely Curtis’ jam. Every oly class, and barbell-cycling metcon… he’s all in.

Great work Curtis, thanks for being such a great human to have in the gym. You rock!!! – Coach Steph

Curtis is a gem. A true staple to the CFC Barbell program, and an athlete that is always willing to RISE to the occasion. Curtis and I have known each other since the PCF days, where I likely did his onramp when he was just a weee CrossFit paddawon. From day one he has always been a grinder, no excuses for anything, just head down eyes forward. I truly appreciate human beings that come up with reasons why they can and not reasons why they can’t – and that’s the kind of personality trait Curtis displays day in and day out. I hope to see his dedication continue to the barbell program, as well as CrossFit! Congrats Curtis. – Steph & Shane

Curtis is someone I workout with more than I coach. He is a staple at barbell club and recently it’s been great to see him make strides with his overhead mobility. Maybe it’s the new shoes 😉 He also has a contagious smile and positive attitude. Well deserved Curtis!!! – Coach Michelle
Curtis always comes in with a positive attitude and kind smile. He is one of our most consistent members. He never complains. Just listens and always tries his hardest. Puts his head down and does the work, all with a smile on his face. Super fun to coach and train with! – Coach Lisa
Curtis is the person every gym aspires to have. He puts his head down and works hard, but also has fun and is easy to coach and be around. These qualities will also lead Curtis to make great strides towards whatever goal he wishes to achieve in the gym! – Coach Linz


The CFC Coaching Team 

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