Grace Tablan


About The Athlete

Grace joined CFC May 2018 and in the short 7-months since joining has not only made some dramatic movement and strength progress but has become staple personality in the CFC community. She spend more time working on movement and mobility than almost anyone and consistent brings energy and determination to class.

Since joining she’s gone from empty barbell work, ring-rows and limited aerobic capacity to consistent sets of pull-ups, peg-board assents, multiple strength movements well above body-weight and excelled in her ability to maintain over longer workouts.. And on top it that, she’s a sheer delight to have in class and highly coachable.

Congrats to Grace on all the effort and hard work thus far… this is just the beginning and our coaching team couple be more excited about what the future holds.

What got you into Crossfit, how long have you been doing it and what keeps you coming back?

It was actually the CrossFit documentaries I started watching on Netflix that sparked an interest into trying out an actual CrossFit class. I’ve been a member here for just over 6 months now! There are two reasons why I keep coming back: 1) the community. The people here are beyond amazing. 2) I see actual results!

What are some of your non-crossfit hobbies or activities?

Hobbies outside of CrossFit: none. Just kidding. I love to wakeboard and go camping in the summer. Board and card games are some of my favourite things to do. Good company is also great to have, I love being social and being with people. I also love to cook and bake food for people! Especially appetizers and desserts.

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective…

CFC has a strong positive community that always pushes you to be the best you can be-it’s the people there that make it feel like home.

What is your favorite part of CFC?

Favourite part of CFC is its community.

Favorite and least favorite movement/workout, and why?

Favourite movement would be clean and jerk. I love throwing heavy weights over head. Least favourite movement would be thrusters. No need to explain why it’s my least favourite. You all know it’s your least favourite too.

Favorite superhero, band/musician or celebrity, and why?

Favourite superhero would be Jessica Jones. She’s badass. I love have too many musicians and bands to name.

Biggest/proudest/latest accomplishment or PR?

My most recent accomplishments: New PR on my back squat-195 lbs and also PR on my clean and jerk at my own body weight of 120 lbs!

What’s your take on our coaching team?

I love CFC’s coaching team. Couldn’t imagine any others to be better. They simply are the best. Always pushing, motivating me to do better. All created such a positive and important impact in my life. The coaches have made me love coming to the gym and fuelled my love for fitness to a level I can’t even comprehend myself!

Coach Tyler and Jason: You both are hilarious people. I wish I could follow you both around and make memes and gifs from the stuff that you guys say out loud. You guys make life fun

Coach Lindsey and Sara: Love how enthusiastic you both are all the time! It brings my energy level up and gets me pumped. I love the way you both highlight the good in the movements I do and help me correct the things I’m struggling with in a way that doesn’t discourage me.

Coach Michelle and Lisa: I appreciate the way you both help me with my technique (down to the nitty gritty) whenever something seems off in my movements. One of the best things you both do is help me shrug things off whenever I’m not quite content with what I’ve done.

Coach Taylor and Shane: Both fantastic at telling me like it is. Whenever I’m not feeling confident and keeping my lifts light, you both are fantastic at pumping me up and giving me the confidence to start putting more weight on the bar because you both see I am capable. It also goes the other way. If I get too excited about lifting heavy you both know how to tell me to come back to reality in a nice way, which is something I really appreciate.

Special shoutout to Coach Steph Tomy who was my coach during my very first on-ramp class. She made me feel capable and confident and still continues to do so. Even when I was dying during the metcon we did, her encouragement and positivity made me want to come back for more. Which led me to being apart of such a great community of the best people.

Thank you to the coaches for pushing me and believing in me. Most importantly welcoming me into this community, which definitely feels like family!

Do you have any goals set for the near future – in or outside of CFC?

One of my goals I have set is to be able to get my gymnastics work down pat within the next year! I’d love to be able to do handstands and handstand walks, bar muscle ups and ring muscle ups as well.


Give us a little known fact about yourself…

Little known fact or something interesting about myself…. I am the best at Mario Kart. I am SUPER competitive when it comes to games-especially board games/card games. You do not want to mess with me in a game of Dutch blitz or Canasta.

Coaches Comments

Grace brings such a positive and energetic attitude to the gym all the time. She is friendly and super approachable. She is continually getting stronger and with her work on the more technical lifts is always improving. She is definitely an awesome addition to the CFC community and I hope she continues to grow and kick ass. – Coach Jason.

Grace and I have had a lot of firsts. I was there for her on-ramp, watching this energetic firecracker suffer through empty bar workouts, being introduced to the rower and dreaded Air Assault Bike. I was there for her first handstand hold, her first pull-up(s), first hand-tear and subsequent commitment to not let that happen again. She puts in not only an incredible amount of time and effort working on form/technique but also in mobility and activation, it’s something I am constantly impressed by. She takes what she does, and her goals seriously and is able to do it with a smile.
Don’t let her energy and positivity fool you though, she does into a workout with sheer determination and pushed herself to perform right to the last second. It’s incredible to coach and work alongside. She’s become a valuable part of CFC and someone I alway enjoy checking in with and following her progress and am really excited to see where she goes with her skills and fitness. – Coach Taylor

Grace is a straight up superstar. She knows what she wants and will literally do anything to get there..cut throat one mine say haha. I remember I coached Grace’s first on-ramp class. The metcon was some sort of clean/burpee compilation and she was one fiiiiire. I remember thinking to myself “this girl better slow down… she’s going to burn out REAL quick”. But I was wrong. She didn’t slow down that day.. and has yet to slow down. She has become quite the little crossfit junkie – even hopped on the two-a-day train!

It has been so cool to see her come into her own inside the gym. She has so much more confidence – evident in the way she carries herself, talks about her performance and in the way she loads her barbell (hell ya). Above all else, Grace is an incredible human. She is so kind and thoughtful with the most beautiful smile and luscious long locks. She is also a giant sponge. She wants to know allll of the things and isn’t afraid to ask questions. She also wants to be able to do all of the things (patience young grasshopper). I appreciate and admire her dedication to fitness, school and work. She isn’t afraid to work hard… even if it means sacrificing a little sleep #team6am.

Grace fits so nicely into our little fitness-fam and I am so glad she chose us. Grace you rock, don’t you ever change my girl. – Coach Steph

Grace… the little train that could. Small package, but absolutely fierce. Not much I can say about Grace that isn’t already apparent to every other member at CrossFit Corydon. She’s consistent, continuously strives for improvement, she puts an overwhelming amount of time in at the box, and is one of the most coach-able athletes we have. You have nothing to worry about when you’re coaching Grace, she takes your word as gospel and puts it straight into practice. I will enjoy seeing what 2019 has to offer in regards to her progress. Congratulations Grace.. – Steph & Shane

Grace is such a sweetheart. It’s been awesome to see her grow so much in the time she’s been at CFC. She’s always open to trying new cues and ideas to improve her stamina and strength. She’s a come early, stay late kinda gal. – Coach Michelle
Since day one Grace has been motivated to do better every day. Not a week goes by without her crushing a new Pr or learning a new skill. Her humble attitude and willingness to learn makes her a great pleasure to coach! – Coach Lisa
Grace – The true epitome of an athlete. Comes in, puts her game face on and works hard. She aggressively goes after her goals and then keeps going. Awesome to witness and a pleasure to both coach and compete agains in class. I look forward to seeing what she continues to accomplish. – Coach Linz
Grace has a great attitude towards training, isn’t afraid to attack workouts, practice skills and does it all with a big smile. It’s pretty cool to see how far she has progressed since she started and even cooler that she’s a fellow country fan.
Keep up the good work! – Coach Tyler


The CFC Coaching Team