Jessica Jones

September 2017

About The Athlete

Jess is a long-standing member of the CFC tribe, joining us back in the spring of 2015. She is one of our most consistent members to-date, and one who continues to progress here strength/conditioning performance. Since joining she’s attained increases of 20-40%+ on all her primary lifts not to mention doing so while improving her mobility and efficacy in her movement.

Jess frequently destroys short anaerobic, for-time workouts, often underestimating her strength and capacity. With a player/coach background in women’s hockey, her competitive drive can be seen every time she picks up a barbell or when you hear the “3-2-1.. go!”  Our coaching team couldn’t be happier with her progress and the level of effort she bring into the gym every day. Congrats Jess!

A little more about them…

What got you into Crossfit, how long have you been doing it and what keeps you coming back?

I was missing the team feeling workouts had when I played hockey in university and was getting bored at the regular gym. I had a friend mention how good crossfit workouts were, so decided to try out crossfit and haven’t look back. I have been doing  crossfit for about 2 years. You can’t beat the workouts because they are fun (more fun when you are finished) and challenging.

What are some of your non-crossfit hobbies or activities?

I love playing sports — mostly hockey and ball hockey, spending time outside, and hanging out with family, my gf Kendra and friends. I’m also a TV junkie, and love binge watching shows on Netflix.

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective…

CFC is a community that always pushes you to be better every day.

What is your favorite part of CFC?

I love the variety of the workouts, and the welcoming community. Whether working individually, with a partner or as a team, we all push each other to be better.

Favorite and least favorite movement/workout, and why?

  • My favourite movement is the shoulder press, because I feel like I’m good at it.
  • Least favourite- skipping, because I’m terrible at it… Have you seen me skip? 

Favorite superhero, band/musician or celebrity, and why?

  • My favourite superhero is Jessica Jones (Netflix version, not myself), jk! I would probably say Wolverine, because he’s jacked.
  • My favourite band/ musician is Florida Georgia Line – because it was my favourite concert. I listen to a lot of variety, but I love country!
  • My favourite celebrity is Jennifer Aniston, because she’s a babe, and everyone loves the show Friends. 


Biggest/proudest/latest accomplishment or PR?

Getting 200lbs on the back squat

What’s your take on our coaching team?

I love the coaches at CFC, they keep me coming back and help me reach my goals! 
  • Shane is so funny, he always has good stories, and makes me want to come work out. He has a nice smile and dad bod, and he’s super strong. He gives good cues when lifting to make you better.
  • I love Jason! He has an infectious bubbly personality. He’s very motivational and always gives strategic advice to help me get through the metcons. Kendra thinks that I have a crush on him.
  • Taylor is an awesome coach; his dedication to fitness and wealth of knowledge is helpful at the gym. His physique and skills are motivating. And he makes good workouts!
  • Steph is very energetic and helpful with the lifts, she always pushes me to lift more and more. She knows how to explain movements well   and is always ready to help you reach your goals.
  • Jenna is also very encouraging and pushes everyone to do more. I’m pretty sure last week she convinced us all to do 2 metcons somehow, and that wasn’t in the original plans. Great tips while lifting!
  • Michelle has great technique in all the gymnastic and lifts, and makes sure we are always doing movements the best way. I don’t work out with her often as I am not a morning person at all, but when she is coaching at night she is always very knowledgeable and helpful. 
  • I also don’t work out with Tyler very often, but when I have, he adds some extra work to challenge us and make the work out better. I was pretty sore after a one-on-one with Tyler! He is very positive and always willing to help.

Do you have any goals set for the near future – in or outside of CFC?

I’d like to reach 100lbs on strict shoulder press, as I have been stuck at 95lbs for a while. Also to get pull-ups in.


Give us a little known fact about yourself…

I have a dog named after my favourite food, Bacon!

Coaches Comments

Jess or as I call her “JJ” is so wonderful to have in class. she brings such a positive attitude and work ethic each time she is in. It has been incredible to not only watch her strength grow but her mobility increase as well. JJ always pushes herself as hard as she can which explains why she is now a Police officer with the City of Winnipeg and its always good to have a friend on the police force……lol. It seems that no matter how intense the metcon is, Jess always rocks it and has a great time which is even more impressive. Hope you continue to have a great time at CFC cuz I sure enjoy having you in each and every class.. – Coach Jason.

My first few run-ins with Jess back in the day were interesting… Hockey background, tight hips, some mobility issues, standard stuff in an initial assessment.. then you see her perform a movement or start a workout and level of focus, effort and competitive drive is intense. You can see her eye’s light up and the intensity build, it’s a silent energy that is incredible to coach and work alongside. Even the warm-ups, skill and accessory work is done with full engagement, working for every rep. An example of ‘training’ with intent rather than simply doing. She cares about what she is doing.
And afterwords, maybe slightly out of breath, she always (ALWAYS!) dawns a smile and the classic, “Oh, that was a tough one. I liked it.” No matter what the workout, she pushes herself to her limit and elevates the performance of those around her. You can’t ask for more than that. Congrats Jess! – Coach Taylor

Jess is an absolute pleasure to have in class! She is always smiling and brings her positive attitude to class each and every time. Jess is very receptive to feedback and pays close attention to detail. To a coach, this is something that is essential to quality training and is very much appreciated! Not only do I enjoy coaching Jess, but I also love working out alongside her. She works hard while encouraging her fellow cross-fitters along the way. Great work Jess! – Coach Steph!

Jessica is an awesome athlete. Another CrossFit Corydon staple athlete that comes into the gym, doesn’t question ANYTHING, simply puts her head down and grinds. JJ crushes every metcon thrown her way, always tries to improve her technique, and is one of CFC’s most active athletes. JJ’s got a pretty badass motorbike as well. Congrats on athlete of the month!! – Coach Shane

 Congratulations Jess! This girl and I go way back to many high school sports teams and she is just as fierce of an athlete now as she was then. She hasn’t changed a bit! Kind, humble and a pleasure to have as a part of our community. Jess takes down every workout 100% and makes an amazing partner. I love when we get to hit a WOD together! Congratulations on all of your recent successes inside and outside of the gym, looking forward to many more workouts to come!! – Coach Jenna


The CFC Coaching Team