John Arnott

January 2019

About The Athlete

John joined CFC in 2017 mostly out of curiosity about what this “crossfit” thing was and how it differed from the traditional strength training he was accustomed to. With a history and profession in and around a variety of up and coming athletes and general health / wellness, he quickly caught the CF-bug and has since been a stable and ever-improving part of the CFC community.

John’s dedication to skill / strength development, odd-enjoyment to workout suffering and humble character is what makes him such a valuable and respected member of CFC. Always one to help and greet new people, highly coachable and approachable with a willingness and desire to learn and always pushing his personal goals and limitations.. John is of the mentality and characteristics we try to build our CFC community, coaching team and programs around.

John’s set his eyes on this year’s open, and his dedication to extra work and building up his capacity the last couple months is nothing short of admirable. We’re so excited to see his hard work and effort get put to the test and into action. Great work John, onward and upward!


What got you into Crossfit, how long have you been doing it and what keeps you coming back?

I had been a fan of watching the CF Games for several years and, when I was looking for a new challenge, Matt Asmundsen recommended CFC (thanks Matt!).


What are some of your non-crossfit hobbies or activities?

My other hobbies would be playing golf & hockey, but most of my time these days is spent with my family (wife Kerri, son Colby is 6) and running our business

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective…

An amazing group of killers!

What is your favorite part of CFC?

100% the people! I know that everyone must say that, but it’s especially true in this case. From the initial welcome to the gym, to the sweaty smiles & high fives, to the tips & encouragement for the newbie from coaches & members alike – the crew at CFC is one of a kind!

Favorite and least favorite movement/workout, and why?

Favorite movements would be the metcons in general (the race, the competition) and then the basic power lifting movements (squat, deadlift, bench) because I came with a little bit of knowledge there. As I (semi-jokingly) tell coach Steph all the time – if it doesn’t involve skill or athleticism, I might just be good at it…

Least favorites are most things overhead because of awful shoulder mobility from some poorly-rehabbed hockey injuries.

Biggest/proudest/latest accomplishment or PR?

No question here either – the recent bar muscle ups. I honestly wasn’t sure that it would be possible for a dude with old & busted-up shoulders. HUGE thanks to the entire CFC crew!

First and foremost to coaches Steph, Lisa and Tyler, who have all been generous enough to put in 1 on 1 time with me. But this is also where I came to a new appreciation for the CFC community. Through the process (some would call a struggle…), everybody around jumped in with tips & encouragement. Coaches Taylor, Shane, Michelle and Lindsay all had some really great insight that helped a ton along the way – but members jumped in too! Chris, Alain, Pete and many others shared great tips and “you can do this sh**”!

What’s your take on our coaching team?

I could honestly go on for pages here (not sure you have that much time/space – but just say the word if you do!). You guys are all absolutely amazing!

Coaches Comments

John is a fantastic member of CFC. He is enthusiastic and eager to put in the work and the results are definitely showing. He is naturally strong and is working every time he is in on his mobility and his technique. John is focused on his overall fitness and is a great ambassador for crossfit. Keep up all the work and looking forward to seeing you crush some open workouts.. – Coach Jason.

John’s work ethic, positive energy and level of ‘humble-ness’ is world-class. From day one, he came in with an open mind, willing to learn and adjust to the coach-led class environment and community we have at CFC and has truly left a stamp on myself, our coaching team and I imagine many members. When he wants to figure something out or sets his mind to a goal, he will succeed… or at least work harder than most to get as far as he can.. and do so with a smile.
I can shoot the sh*t with John about anything, anytime… and know I’m getting someone who’s fully present and interested. Then, I can look across the gym and see the same guy pushing his limits, putting in extra hours on weekend working on gymnastics and going rep-for-rep in metcon with anyone who’s near by. It’s incredibly motivating to watch and be a part of. Keep up the awesome work, and keep the young bucks within a bicep curl’s reach. – Coach Taylor

John is a beast inside the gym. He can deadlift 5x his body weight, bench press more than what is good for him, can burpee for hours, and is ALWAYS down for a good ol bro sesh #sickbicepcrease. I don’t think there is one thing he can’t do.. except maybe wallslides and tpsine windmills. He’s also not very good at maintaining pace on the assault bike (sorry John..) #allornothing

There is no stopping John – when he wants something he will do whatever it takes to get there. Take handstand push-ups for example.. the man learned how to do them in a hotel room in the middle of a business road trip. Talk about dedication…

HSPUs? Old news… His newest success in the gym is bar muscle ups. Over the course of 5 weeks he started with 0, then got 1, and is now up to 13 in one session. The muscle ups are cool and all, but what should really be celebrated is all of the things he’s done behind the scenes up to this point. I cannot tell you how many band pull aparts and sword pulls, scap slides, protractions and retractions he does PER DAY (reluctantly.. might I add). Ask him about his morning routine, it goes something like this… soft tissue work, romwod, shoulder prehab, 90/90 hips. But first.. coffee. He does this entire routine before training too…it takes him about an hour to warmup (I can literally finish a metcon or two before he’s ready to go..) #swoleandalmostflexy

In part, the reason for his dedication to fitness is because he HATES to lose. To himself or others. You’d never know it, but he is the most competitive guy in the gym. He prefers to stay under there radar and only silently crush the competition. Watch his face the next time he finishes a metcon first.. you’ll see what I’m talking about.
Another thing.. if you ever want a chance to catch your breath during a partner wod.. think twice before asking John to be your partner.

On a more serious note, because what’s one of these write-ups without a lil Steph softness… John is an incredible human. He’s a man of few words but his chirp game is always on (especially with me… I take some serious heat from that guy). His “make it happen” attitude is something I admire and aspire to. The man knows how to get sh*t done, and is ALWAYS chasing excellence. In everything that he does. Think Jocko Willink meets Tim Ferris meets Ben Bergeron. With a side of Stephen Covey.

John, thanks for putting in the work and for making my job as a coach an easy one… mostly. I can’t wait to watch you destroy the open (cue the tears). Also super pumped to no-rep you on all your not-fully-extended pull-ups..
We are so fortunate to have you apart of our CFC family. Thank you for all that you do for us!! – Coach Steph

John’s been with CFC for a while now, and the progress I’ve seen from him is awesome. I haven’t had a chance to coach or workout with him in the recent months – but the amount of time he’s been spending at our facility tells me that the man has got some goals he’s looking to crush this year. Good job John. – Shane

Persistence and dedication. Watching John work hard to achieve his goals has been impressive, and also a model for us all to aspire towards. Keep up the great work, John! – Coach Linz
Johnny! John is a perfect example of an athlete who is always looking to be better. He sets goals and follows through. He asks questions and is always hungry to learn more from all of his coaches. Extremely respectful and coachable at all times. He is an absolute beauty and pleasure to work with. He is why we love our job. He get better, and so do we. – Coach Lisa


The CFC Coaching Team