Kenzie Vincent

October 2017

About The Athlete

Kenzie joined CFC May 2016 to regain his strength and motor control after spending much of the previous year recovering from some unexpected circumstances. He was eager to jump right back into exercise but took the smart, longer road to building back his movement and foundation, which has since paid dividends not only in his strength and movement mechanics but also his aerobic capacity.

Kenzie is a consistent leader on the daily white-board and sheer number of PRs (Personal Records) every program cycle. His dedication to extra accessory work, completing the daily post-workout challenges and improving his flexibility/mobility is well beyond expectation and sets a strong example for other members, both new and existing. His joyful energy and workout intensity is exceptional and look forward to seeing it progress and be applied in the 2018 CF Open. Great work Kenzie, congrats!

A little more about them…

What got you into Crossfit, how long have you been doing it and what keeps you coming back?

I have always been a fairly competitive athlete, competing nationally in CanoeKayak and Cross Country skiing, so when I first hear about Crossfit I was hooked. I have been attending a box on and off for the past 6 years or so however it has really been the past year and a half that I started coming a lot more consistently. Apart from the amazing community you get with Crossfit in general, the diverse, high intensity workouts always keep me coming back. I love that every day you get into the gym, there will be a different workout. On top of that, you have competitions like the Open, Regionals, and the Crossfit Games where you can compare yourself to people all over the world. There is really nothing like it!

What are some of your non-crossfit hobbies or activities?

Apart from Crossfit, I am a marathon paddler in the summer and a skier in the winter. I love to read and go through 4-5 books a month usually. I also love to travel!

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective…

Open, knowledgeable, and friendly competition.

What is your favorite part of CFC?

This is a tough one… I would have to say I have two things that really make the box for me: the coaching staff and the community. I can guarantee that every time I walk into the box, I will be pushed by both and will always have a good time.

Favorite and least favorite movement/workout, and why?

  • Least Favourite: Push Ups. Hands down. No idea why but I always seem to have so much trouble with them and have to split them up a lot more often than I would like.
  • Favourite: Pull Ups. Every time they come up in a work out I feel great. 
In terms of favorite workouts, really anything that combines double unders and pull ups. Has to be one of my favorite combination of movements!

Favorite superhero, band/musician or celebrity, and why?

Hmmm… superhero would probably Thor or Dr. Strange and I just think that they are both just great characters.

Biggest/proudest/latest accomplishment or PR?

 I would have to say I am most pleased with my recent clean and snatch PRs. My double unders have also gotten a lot smoother over the past couple of weeks as well.

What’s your take on our coaching team?

Honestly this is the hardest question. Everyone brings their own strengths to the coaching team but its the combination of all the coaches that really makes the box.
As a whole, I would say the biggest impact that all of the coaches have had on me would be how engaged I am. Every time I walk in, someone is there and makes sure to say ‘Hi, nice to see you’ or some variation. During the lifting part of the workout, someone is always there to comment on my technique (both the good and bad).
During the Metcon, someone is always on hand to help push you through and the coach is generally the first person to congratulate you. I definitely would not keep coming back, let alone with any consistency, if the coaching team was not keeping me engaged every time I walk into the box. Thanks for all your hard work!

Do you have any goals set for the near future – in or outside of CFC?

In CFC – work on starting to include Muscle Ups in METCONs and really try to focus on the technique side of my Olympic lifts.

Out of CFC – Finish my degree! Eventually this thing will get done…


Give us a little known fact about yourself…

I love to salsa dance! I started a couple years ago when I was playing tennis. One of my coaches at the time was a professional dancer and really encouraged that all of the training group check it out. One thing lead to another and I feel in love with it! The combination of Latin culture and dance is just irresistible once you get started.

Coaches Comments

Kenzie is an awesome addition to the CFC crew. He is always with such a positive attitude and for the most part putting extra work on skills he wants to improve. I have been so impressed with how he has transformed in a short period of time. His cardio is ridiculous and he is getting stronger by the month. He really listens to all the coaching cues and applies that to his work. I am always able to have some good fun banter and that carries over to the rest of the class. Looking forward to see how far he can continue to push himself. Great work Kenzie keep up the effort. – Coach Jason.

Kenzie is truly unique, both in his determination to complete the work or the challenge at hand and (more importantly) to think about it, engage and learn from whatever he’s immersed in. Never have I coached/mentored an athlete that asks more questions and truly wants to not just hear but understand the answers and mechanics behind them. It’s incredible.
There was a time when Kenzie wanted to load up the weights and put himself through some unnecessary agony but thing seemed to have changed as he is now more than ever a smarter, better moving athlete and one we all try to catch and keep up to. I am constantly envious of  his dedication to accessory work and gymnastics, there’s going to come a time in the near future where these fundamental elements converge to make one heck of an athlete.
And.. on top of all that, his energy, presence and personality is just about as good as it gets. Not a class goes by without cracking some jokes or hearing the patented Kenzie chuckle! – Coach Taylor

When I first met Kenzie, he was re-introducing fitness into his daily routine after suffering a significant concussion. It is incredible to see how he has developed inside the gym. All of his metrics of strength, endurance and general physical fitness have increased tremendously. Not only that, Kenzie is now a regular member of “TEAM 6” (those dedicated to waking before the sun to endure a little pain and suffering – just kidding guys, it makes you better). Although he doesn’t say much in the mornings (it’s usually just a one way street in terms of conversation until 7am rolls around), he comes in with a purpose and works hard. Additionally, Kenzie always dedicates time either before or after class to work on his skills. Whether it be muscle up transitions (strict..of course), double unders, or pull-ups. Even more, you will always find Kenzie tackling the post-workout challenge, no matter how daunting it may be. Great work Kenzie, we appreciate all of your hard work!!! – Coach Steph!

Kenzie is a truly dedicated individual when it comes to CrossFit (and his fitness). He’s one of the only athletes at the moment I see coming in early, getting the full warm-up in, and staying after class to hone in on any of his weaknesses and doing the extra work posted. Recently we did a gymnastics test and I saw 30 unbroken pull-ups done by Kenzie, which is just plain ridiculous! I’m extremely proud of how far he’s come since he first stepped foot in our box. Congrats on athlete of the month for November Kenzie. ! – Coach Shane

First off… This guy is awesome! He works hard, stays late, puts in the extra accessory work. And the results show, every day he is improving him self. That kind of self motivation is inspiring to everyone in our community! His work ethic shows others what a little extra time and focus can achieve! He is great to have as an athlete, he asks a lot of questions, is receptive and very coachable. I like working out with his as much as I like coaching him! You earned this month Kenzie! Keep up the amazing work.– Coach Jenna
Kenzie is a model student. He comes early, does all the work with purpose, and then stays late. I think he may be the most consistent post workout challenger. I mostly enjoy coaching Kenzie through gymnastics movements. He is mastering the hollow position in all the strict movements and always asks about what he can improve on. I’d love to see how that translates to his weightlifting and metcons. Core strength transfers into everything you do! Kenzie strives to train to a higher level, a solid strategy! Keep up the amazing work Kenzie! – Coach Michelle


The CFC Coaching Team