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Larissa Farrell

May 2016

About The Athlete

Larissa started dropping into CFC for workouts about a year ago with some fellow fire fighter friends; shortly after she signed up and has since become a dominant athlete, staple member and all-around positive personality in our community.

Working through the CFC program, as well as spending some time in our barbell club and working on gymnastics she frequently tops the daily whiteboard and has seen a noticeably change in her strength, movement and strategy when attacking a workout. In addition, she has led attendance, the PR board and RX+ leader board for the last two months and is looking forward to representing CFC in her second competition coming up in June.

We are proud of her progress thus far and even more excited to see what the future has in store for her. Congrats Larissa!

A little more about them…

What got you into Crossfit, how long have you been doing it and what keeps you coming back?

I started Crossfit almost a year ago last June, and I can honestly say that I think I am obsessed!! I have so much fun every time I come to the gym, and the people I have met are amazing! Before I started Crossfit I was working out at a circuit gym, and I found that it was just not challenging enough. I had a friend recommend Crossfit Corydon, and I love it so much. I have learned so much about the different body mechanics and movements, and also the functionality of crossfit in everyday life. I find myself wanting to be at the gym during any free time I have, not only to keep up my fitness but mainly because I feel so at home when I am there.

What are some of your non-crossfit hobbies or activities?

I really love being active and getting out of the house. I enjoy spending time outside, camping, hiking, beach days, and just exploring! I also love travelling, and meeting people who have the same outgoing interests as me.  I’ll be in Hawaii this fall and I look forward to a few hot beach workouts and checking out some crossfit gyms.

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective…IMG_0336

CFC is a place of welcoming and positive vibes, combined with a fun and sweat filled atmosphere. 🙂

What is your favorite part of CFC?

My favourite part of CFC is the people we have there. Everyone is so friendly and energetic, cheering each other on, always smiling and positive. I’ve made so many new amazing friends, who have the same go-hard attitude as me which makes our workouts challenging and exciting;  you walk out ‘fitness satisfied’ every time.


Favorite and least favorite movement/workout, and why?

To be honest, I find all the Olympic lifting movements to be my kryptonite in crossfit. I’m starting to enjoy doing cleans, but the dreaded snatch is something to work on. I am getting better as I put in more time and reps but I prefer a hard metcon any day!
My favorite part of the workout is putting my metcon shoes back on for a long Hero workout, or even better, a quick lung burner!

Favorite superhero, band/musician or celebrity, and why?

I love Thor. He is beautiful.

Biggest/proudest/latest accomplishment or PR?IMG_0005

I finally got Olympic lifters a couple of weeks ago and I finally PRd my snatch at 115#. I find that movement more technically difficult than any other movement, so to see improvement feels really good. And of course conquering the ole muscle up feels really good, I can’t wait to string 5 together in a row!

What’s your take on our coaching team?

We have such a great coaching team at CFC, everyone has a lot of knowledge and experience, in all sorts of ways. Anytime I need help working on a movement, I feel so comfortable talking to any of them, and they all show genuine interest in my questions and concerns.

Do you have any goals set for the near future – in or outside of CFC?

Really I just want to improve my Olympic lifting, and be able to be consistent with my movements. Eventually one day I think I would enjoy coaching but before that I want to become a great lifter and be able to show exactly what I am teaching.

Give us a little known fact about yourself…

I have a twin brother! And no we are not identical, as many of you may ask.. hahaha.


Coaches Comments

Lars bring has the ability to mix her competitive side with her fun side. She always brings a smile with her into the gym and loves the social aspect that CFC provides. But when the clock runs down 3,2,1 go she is all business. She has an amazing engine and is able to push thru all the workouts. She is also gifted with some good strength and is working on her technique for her lifts. She is always encouraging others around her to push and keep going, both at the gym and out for drinks lol. She makes working out fun not only for other athletes but for the coaches as well. I am fortunate enough to be able to work alongside her and she is equal awesome at work. Keep pushing Lars the sky is the limit – Coach Jason

Larissa is easily one of the nicest, most genuine and fun-loving people I know. She works hard, puts in the extra time to work on her weaknesses and puts in 100% effort every workout. She is an athlete thatchallenges the program and moves us as a community forward; and does so with a great attitude and demeanour. Her progress over the last couple months continue to exceed my expectations as a coach and fellow athlete. The sheer time and effort she is putting in during and before/after or outside of class is exceptional and really starting to pay dividends in her performance. As a training partner, she personally makes me better by forcing me to work harder. She is the first and last person I want sitting next to me on a rower or in a wall-ball pull-up metcon because I know that I will need to give 110% if I’m going to keep up; and really, that’s exactly what you want in your training partners. We have only scratched the surface of what she is capable of and I am proud to be apart of her journey as a coach, fellow athlete and good friend. Congrats! Now, let’s go lift some weights! – Coach Taylor

Larissa brings SO much energy to CFC. We all knew she would be a CrossFit nut when we first met her during on-ramp with her constant questions and desire to be better at every movement she was exposed to. Another example of an extremely coach-able athlete that never takes this stuff too seriously, but balances that with nothing but pure effort during workouts. She is full of positive vibes and CFC is a better place with her around. Keep on crushing it Lars! 😉   – Coach Matt

Larissa is a beast of an athlete. Right out of the gate Larissa had an amazing engine and quickly learned all the movements CrossFit has to offer. Its a real treat to work with an athlete like Larissa, because she’s extremely humble, and understands that not everything will be perfect overnight. An example is her Olympic lifting, she understands she needs to dial in the technique and takes every opportunity to try and get better at it. I feel there is much more to come from Larissa in the future! – Coach Shane

Larissa is continuously pushing her limits and excelling in all areas of Crossfit. She inspires others and sets the bar high every day. Her work ethic and dedication is admirable. Success is sure to follow this incredible athlete! – Coach Jenna


The CFC Coaching Team