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Toni & Kenzie Skoglund

December 2015

About The Athlete

Toni and Kenzie started with us in June, simply looking to try something new, that they could do together and that may compliment their other activities (running and dance). Since then they have become staple members our regular classes and open gym skill sessions. They are an absolute DE-LIGHT to have around the gym, consistently work on skill development and are become more well rounded every week, not to mention challenging others around them. Congrats!

A little more about them…

What got you interested in CrossFit and what keeps you coming back? 

T: Previous to CrossFit I was a runner. This summer, a month before the Manitoba 1/2 marathon and after my best training season ever, I suffered a hip injury and had to stop running while the micro fracture healed. I needed to do something else to maintain my fitness level so started Crossfit with my daughter. The coaches were great about giving me modified movements that my hip could handle. It’s been a few months now and my hip feels pretty good, I’ve lost a little weight and I’m getting stronger. The progress I’ve made physically since my injury coupled with the support of the coaches keeps me coming back. There is a really great culture at CFC including the members – I love it.
K: My dad is the one who got me into Cross Fit to help me with dancing. I have been doing it consistently for about 5 months and I keep coming back because of personal goals and results I see (also to keep rising above my dad).

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective? 

T: CFC is a great gym with a great culture that is supportive and challenging – starting with the owners, coaches and members – great job guys!
K: Challenging but rewarding and always a fun time!

Proudest accomplishment, thus far? 

K: I am now able to do handstand walk thanks to Coach Matt’s progressions. Also, because I am relatively new to Cross Fit and weightlifting I am achieving a lot of PR’s in many areas.
T: I recently improved my back squat by 25 Lbs. That’s a good one for me because it was a weakness when I first started (mobility issues and back problems). I think the new strength will help me when I start back running in 2016.

Favorite and Least favorite movement/workout and why?

  • K: Favourite = anything gymnastics because they specifically translate to dance performance (strength, endurance, flexibility, power, coordination, etc).
  • K: Least Favourite = rowing because I haven’t figured out the perfect technique and I find it quite difficult.
  • T: Favourite: Rowing/skipping because it is the closest exercise Cross Fit has to running AND I’m not very strong so I’m developing in all of the weightlifting movements.
  • T: Least Favourite: Overhead Squats – I have limited range of mobility and strength in my hips and some back issues that make this movement very challenging for me. I feel like I’m making progress with my issues though and hope to nail this move in 2016.
Favourite superhero, band/musician or celebrity and why?
K: My favourite celebrity is the dancer Ricky Ubeda. Ricky has a very likable personality and stage presence. He is trained in contemporary dance but has the determination, skill and passion to succeed in any style of dance.
T: Jack White is one of my favourite musicians. He’s had success while with the White Stripes, The Reconteurs, The Dead Weather and in many collaborations with other artists. He seems endlessly talented and creative. He is also respectful of and honours the greats that came before him (see the documentary It Might Get Loud for an example). In the current age of pop music it’s unusual for a rock and roll musician to have so much success. (Side note: Coach Taylor and Toni just became best friends.)

What is your favourite thing about CFC?

K: My favourite part of CFC is how there is a different workout everyday and the friendly environment.
T: I love the structured guided workouts. I’m the kind of guy that does best with a goal to achieve and a program that gets me their. With running I set the goal of running an event and then built a plan to get the results I was after. Judo is like that for me too – keeps me engaged physically and mentally as I learn new techniques. CrossFit Corydon fills that need for me too with challenging workouts, technical movements and measured performance (so I know if I’m beating Kenzie or not).

What are some of your activities outside of CFC?

T: I run and take Judo classes. I also like back country kayak camping, travel, cooking, reading and spending time with my wife and kids.
K: My main other hobby is dance. I am training to become a professional dancer so all my time is taken up with dance classes, fitness and conditioning and school work.

What’s your take on our coaching team?

K & T:  We think all of the coaches at CFC are great guys that work hard at creating an inclusive environment at the gym. Personally they are all excellent examples of CrossFit athletes and as a result are role models of performance for the rest of us.
  • Matt’s the coach we seem to work with most often. Matt is super good at customizing workouts. He really gets to know each individual and designs workouts for each of them and pushes us to advance.
  • Jason is outgoing and a super fun coach to have – always upbeat. Jason is committed to the individual and their needs – he often comes back to us with mods or advice to improve our movements/performance.
  • Shane really encourages good form and pushing further than we think is possible. He’s a pretty serious coach that runs a tight ship. Whether coaching or not, Shane is at the gym he can be counted on to call out encouragement or advice – thanks Shane.
  • Taylor takes the time to check in with us whether he’s coaching or not. He takes time to discuss proper form and is thorough in his demonstrations.

Do you have any goals set for the near future? In our outside of CFC…

K: I have a lot of goals outside of Cross Fit related to a future career in dance and maintaining a 90+% average grade at school. At CFC my goals are to improve my overall strength (especially core strength) and advance to RX+ workouts.
T: Must…beat…Kenzie…in at least one thing at Cross Fit. Just kidding – not going to happen. I’ve been working on double unders and should have that skill in Q1 2016. I also want to keep progressing on pull-ups. Matt mentioned something he accomplished that is weirdly interesting to me – rowing a half marathon (Taylor thinks that’s weird too) so I might build up to something like that for some reason.

Little known fact…

K: An interesting fact about me is that I ran my first 1/2 marathon in Toronto in the Fall of 2014 with my dad. I worked 1/2 marathon training in between 5 days a week of dance classes and 90% average in school.
T: I added the last bit into Kenzie’s answer about the 1/2 marathon – I’m very proud of her. I don’t have many interesting or fun facts about me to share so I’ll share one that involves Kenzie. This summer we spent a month in L.A. so Kenzie could attend a month of summer intensive dance classes at Millennium Dance Complex. She danced between 10 and 12 hours a day 5 days a week. Millennium is a world famous dance studio that has trained famous dancers and performance artist. She got to work with choreographers that worked on routines for the TV show So You Think You Can Dance (U.S. show) and many others. It was an excellent opportunity for Kenzie and she made the most of it.

Coaches Comments

They both come to work and most importantly have a good time. They have improved so much, not only in the strength area but in the mobility area as well. They listen not only to their bodies but to coaches cues. They are building a very sound foundation and will be able to grow very strong from there. They come to open gym time and work not only on their weaknesses but on mobility. I love how they are always challenging themselves and pushing to get better. – Coach Jason

The determination and drive Kenzie has is astonishing, this shines through most in the volume of accessory work and skill progressions she works through. She understands the important of developing a foundation first and works through the frustrations like a professional. Could not ask for a more coach-able and person to have around! Toni is about as humble and down to earth a person as I’ve ever met. Works hard, sets goals, has fun and knows his limits… And his music! This duo makes me smile every time I gt a chance to coach or hang out with them. – Coach Taylor

Toni is a pleasure to coach even with his sometimes chirpy mouth and wittiness, but maybe that is why I get along with him so well. That aside, Toni had some hip issues when I first met him and was determined to get rid of them. He constantly works on undoing the damage caused by years of running and sitting and this kind of effort is not going unnoticed. He sticks around after early morning classes to hit extra work on a consistent basis. One of the best things people can learn from Toni is to work your weaknesses. Too often I see people tackling the wrong things. Toni always seems to have something new to work on, but couples that with the right amount of consistency towards things he knows he must improve on in order to set the tone for long term training progression.

Oh Kenz, my little prodigy who’s attitude is always there but that’s alright because she couples it with fierce work ethic and I appreciate the hell out of that. Kenz is very similar to her dad in many respects (sorry Kenz, it’s true). She has specific goals, works on them, achieves them (really fast, ex – handstand walks in 3-4 weeks of practice) and quickly identifies another weakness and tackles it. She is a pleasure to coach, she listens closely to cues and gives me complete effort every single workout. She is also a high school student that consistently works out at 6am, she is badass.

The success and progression these two have had boils down to their intense competition between each other, but more importantly, no fear of failure. I look forward to being able to keep working with these two for years to come! They make my job even more pleasurable than it already is. Thank you for that Toni and Kenzie! – Coach Matt

Kenzie and Toni are an awesome father/daughter duo. Other then the obvious (great attendance/listening to coaches cues/working on weaknesses), Kenzie and Toni are great examples of what I’ve always envisioned the CrossFit Corydon community too be like. Here are two people at completely different fitness levels, pushing each other to be better doing the same workouts, the same lifts, with the same motivations and it’s a great thing to see. I will say, their attendance has really surprised me. Kenzie and Toni sit at 4th and 5th in terms of how of then they attend, just under Taylor, Stephanie and myself. ! – Coach Shane


The CFC Coaching Team