Mike & Kristin Toogood


About The Athlete

Mike and Kristin have been apart of the CFC community almost since day one. In fact, they helped paint the wall-ball lines, were there for our first ever workout and hung the very TVs we look at and enter our scores in every day. Through the the years they have been staple members at both 6am and 4pm on and off. They are extremely humble, energetic and set a prime example of what it means to show up, do the work and reap the benefits of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Mike is constantly working on his technique, monitoring his heart-rate and comes in with a purpose every day. Kristin is passionate about building up her squats, pull-ups and OLY lifts while maintaining her mind-blowing mobility. They’re perfect examples of a balanced work, life and exercise mix and we couldn’t be happier to have them as a part of CFC. Congrats! 

What got you into Crossfit, how long have you been doing it and what keeps you coming back?

K: I started Crossfit in February of 2014. A friend of mine had been doing Crossfit (and was then a coach and CFW) for a few years and raved about it! At the time, I had just moved back home and wanted to get into shape after a few years of treating my body like garbage throughout University. I tried a few boot camp type of classes and just never found myself really enjoying it. At that point, Melanie B. and my sister were also members at CFW, so trying it out seemed more fun and less scary!

Over the years I’ve had an on and off relationship with Crossfit. Every time I take what I consider long or extended break, I find myself really missing it and always needing to come back. I love the challenges it constantly brings, and I love the results you can get (i.e. moving your body in a safe way, while getting stronger). I really enjoy being active, being able to walk or run our dog, being able to bend down and tie my shoes!! Taking care of your body is the only way to have that.

M: Crossfit for me was kind of a last option on the fitness regimen list. I had just finished up university and was getting in worse shape by the day, just doing nothing. I had always loved team sports growing up; playing football, handball and basketball but could never seem to find the same feeling as an adult in any other group activity or gym structure.

Then flash forward to my first class in 2012 even though it was hard, I knew I had finally found something for me that was fun again. As much as it sucks at the time, when your heart rate is above 180 and you have that little tingle in the back of your throat, being able to finish the workout and push your classmates, high five people who just pushed trough the same thing you did, is an amazing feeling! Few things in this life replace it.

So basically I come for the high fives.

What are some of your non-crossfit hobbies or activities?

K: Just got my first sewing machine and am looking forward to learning.

M: I’m pretty into most things, jack-of-all-trades master of none.

One sentence to describe CFC from your perspective…

K: It’s a small space with big motivation and a lot of opportunity if you want it!

M: Work hard, be humble and embrace the challenge with the group.

What is your favorite part of CFC?

K: The post workout high. Even if that day felt really challenging (physically and/ or mentally), I leave feeling lighter (pun intended). And, then there’s the people. The ones who are regularly there, who push you, support you and laugh with you. It’s such a great feeling knowing when you walk into a gym the environment is fun and positive!

M: The challenge. There is always something to work on (physically and mentally), and just when you think you have got something perfected, something new pops up to give you a new challenge (thank you front and back rack lunges). It makes you forget what you previously perfected.

Favorite and least favorite movement/workout, and why?

K: Least favorite, the act of getting into a cold car in the middle of winter at 5:40 am to get to the gym. That and Thrusters in a metcon. Favorite; well, maybe burpees and air squats?

M: I try to tell myself its all part of the plan, even with movements I especially like. But real talk, Turkish getups. “Functional”, I think not and could pass on them any day (or someone give me a convincing reason why they are good).

Favorite superhero, band/musician or celebrity, and why?

K: Longstanding celebrity crushes: George Clooney! I mean, what a dreamboat!

M: favourite superhero = Taylor Jay Wallace – if you were one of the lucky handful of people to see this Man (boy at the time) walk into his first CF class, you would have seen the level at which he started. The superhero dedication he has put in day after day for over 6 years in truly remarkable. No matter how many PRs he gets or abs he has, he puts in the work day after day, and I admire that unshakable consistency he has in the gym.

Biggest/proudest/latest accomplishment or PR?

K: Biggest accomplishments for me; doing a GOOD push up, and happy with my overall movement progress.

M: Just show up to class and the rest will take care of itself.

But I do enjoy a class where I get to chase Micky in a workout (and beat him once an a while) always fun!


What’s your take on our coaching team?

K & M: it’s so fun having coaches around you with such a good energy! No one wants to start work at 5:50 am in the dead of winter, but the coaches chose to be there and coach us, and do so with such a great energy! Never is there a day when a coach comes in and says “Why am I here”. They chose to be there and make it a great environment for all members. Consistently getting to the gym is made a little bit easier thanks to these ones:

Tyler always tries to help us individually work on our mobility, with stretching, functional movement drills and taking out all his props and gadgets!

Michelle is so great with cues with your lifts, helping you move more efficiently with more power.

Steph, I mean she’s the boss at making members really push themselves with all her programming. She’s also does really great demonstrations, and shoes us HOW to move WELL!

Lisa & Shane always have some really great Oly tips and cues and are always pushing you to the end.

Jenna, she’s the one that really knows how to get the group going with team warm ups. She’s so nice to be around and really puts an effort at helping members with their movements.

And Jason, the happiest person to be around at 6am (or any time of day really)! His energy is contagious, he’s so nice and really shows that he cares about the class and how we get through each part. And he’s so great at motivating us during a metcon!

Do you have any goals set for the near future – in or outside of CFC?

K&M: Our main goal right now is to have a more consistent weekday routine; wake up at the same time, eat real food and mostly plants, stretch more, and get to bed by 10:30!

Other than that, enjoying the fall at home with our little family, our extended family and close friends – sit at the dinner table, have some good conversation and many laughs while eating homemade bread with nice cheese and sip on some wine. Those moments are our favourite.


Give us a little known fact about yourself…

K: I am fluent in French. I learnt English in grade 2 or grade 3.

M: I can rip a phone book in half in one shot. Legit no tricks.

Coaches Comments

Mike and Kristin are awesome. They bring such a fun attitude to the gym all the time. They really focus a lot of attention on technique and do things right when it comes to lifting. They really know their strength and weakness when choosing options when it comes to metcons. They really just work for the entire class and are able to gain all the benefits of fitness. I hope you guys continue to grow as crossfit athletes. – Coach Jason.

Me and “The Toogoods” go way back. Mike was one of my first CrossFit friends and actually taught me how to do HSPU, kipping pull-ups and probably a bunch of other stuff. He even beat me in 14.4 but don’t ever tell anyone that! They are an absolute delight to workout with and hang out with in general, literally two of my favorite people who’ve not only trusted myself and our coaching team with their fitness for the last 3 years but have supported our community and opening the facility from day one.
Mike’s a stickler for details, an obsessive compulsive to the core with an amazing heart. His new-found joy/passion for showing up every day, measuring his rate rate and not giving AF about the weight or keeping score is incredible. The attitude he takes towards his exercise and it’s place in his life is something to admire. Kristin is a gem… And a mobility minx. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met and someone who’s drive to complete a workout, improve her strength/positioning or just do something new is second to none. He strength / skill gains since joining have been great but her intensity and work capacity have far exceeded expectations. CANT STOP, WONT STOP. Love you guys. – Coach Taylor

Probably the cutest humans ever.
Back when I was a crossfit newbie, Mike and Kristin were 6am regular’s. They were committed, hilarious, and strong AF. They might not know this but I looked up to them a lot, and dreamt of the day I could lift as much as Kristin. But, one day they broke my heart and decided that they were going to take a break from crossfit to focus on other things (like buying a house and getting engaged…). Honestly.. I really didn’t think they were going to come back. Mike was broken due to poor mobility and Kristin was busy being a new mom to the cutest dog. BUT.. they proved me wrong.. and they came back even better than before.

It has been incredible to witness how they have changed. A year off did them well because they move SOO much better now. It is evident that they are in it for the long run. Quality over quantity. Progress not perfection.

Mike actually does the warm ups AND the accessory work (who knew?!). He is committed to improving his mobility and has seen significant progress. He also listens to the same podcast as me.. so we bond over that haha. And he gives really good life advice.

Kristin has come back with a vengeance. She wants to get stronger, both mentally and physically. She pushes herself every class and always has the best time doing so. Thanks for all that you have done for me guys, and thank you for not leaving us forever. You rock.! – Coach Steph

Mike and Kristin have been members of CFC almost since the beginning. I haven’t had the pleasure of coaching them recently as they usually attend classes I don’t coach, but I know from coaching them in the past that these two definitely deserve to be recognized. They always have a positive attitude and push themselves in every metcon. Congrats to you both on being athlete of the month… and ALSO congrats on being newlyweds!!!! – Steph & Shane

Newlywed athletes of the month! Congrats x2! I haven’t coached Mike in a while, but I see Kristin most mornings. Love her commitment to early bird workouts. She attacks every metcon with intensity and is out the door by 7am. You know she’s lifting heavy when you hear her little “hup” with every rep!! – Coach Michelle


The CFC Coaching Team