Nikita Sarangal

Nikita joined CFC approx. 6-months ago and has excelled in nearly every aspect of our weightlifting, gymnastics and strength/conditioning programs. Her positive energy, commitment to skill work and general enthusiasm with learning new things continues to progress her own skill set and motivate those around her.

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Vanessa Tran

Vanessa's enthusiasm and outgoing personality embodies the characteristics of our CFC community. Her output per body-weight, movement quality and attention to detail makes for a power-house combination and of course a pleasure to coach and work along side.

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Brittany (Betty) Duszak

Brittany started with CFC last winter and has since become a staple member, continuing to progress in a number of strength/skill components and in her aerobic capacity. The positive energy and enthusiasm she brings to class, combined with her coach-ability and willingness to challenge herself every day is a pleasure to coach and work along side.

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Kenzie Vincent

Kenzie joined CFC May 2016 to regain his strength and motor control after spending much of the previous year recovering from some unexpected circumstances. He was eager to jump right back into exercise but took the smart, longer road to building back his movement and foundation, which has since paid dividends not only in his strength and movement mechanics but also his aerobic capacity.

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Jessica Jones

ess is a long-standing member of the CFC tribe, joining us back in the spring of 2015. She is one of our most consistent members to-date, and one who continues to progress here strength/conditioning performance.

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Jason O’Boyle

Jason joined CFC back in the summer of 2015, initially just as something new to try out, throw a few weights around and get a good workout in periodically... and my how things have changed! Jason is consistently among highest number of monthly registered weight-lifting and power-lifting PRs.

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