The CFC Summer Program

Posted by Coach Taylor
Head of coordinated chaos and strength/conditioning gainz at CFC

Spring Recap

First, the 2016 CF Open was a tremendous success for us at CFC… As was the ‘Hero’ month that followed! Many of the Hero Workouts we got to try out are rarely done and as we found out, just about as fun, challenging and scale-able as you can find. We, the coaches, take great pride in our members ability, humility and presence in mind to work with the coach to find the right scale-able yet challenging version of these and the daily workouts. Developing smart, health and successful athletes is just about the best thing in the world for our coaches.

In April alone, our members accomplished well over 300 Personal Records (PRs)*, contributed from just over 60 active athletes that started with us at the beginning of this cycle.

  • 25% of those coming from our Barbell Program and 75% coming out of our CrossFit program.
  • 60% coming from power-lifting (squats, press, dead-lifts), 20% from weightlifting (snatch, clean, jerk) and the remaining 20% from a variety of other movements.
  • *These are only including athletes that had recorded data prior to the month, not including newcomers, never before entered weights, benchmarks, etc. so this is basically the bar minimum; which is amazing.

So, what’s next? Well…

  • Online Qualifiers: Granite Games, Cascade Classic, Wodapolooza
  • Reebok CrossFit:  Regionals (May) & Games(End of July)
  • Local: Prairie CF 3.0 (May), CFW Summer Showdown (June), CFW Berbell Classic (July)

In addition, we will be starting into our summer program cycle (May, June, July) when we re-start our strength program, turn up the heat on our conditioning with some weekly running workouts and try out some new things because… well, that’s just what we do!

One last note before we get into the good stuff..

  • We want to reiterate the importance of completing the prescribed warm-up and mobility prior to class. It is not only there to optimize your positioning and performance for a given day but also over time in and out of the gym. Take the time to get in a couple minutes early, work through it and but the effort in to prepare your body and brain for the work to come.
  • In addition, sticking around for a cool-down run, row or mobility/stretching session can also play a vital role in both recovery, health and performance; so we challenge you to take 5-10min after class for a light job, airdyne, row or other relaxing activity that helps your body and mind readjust after strenuous exercise. If you don’t have time immediately, try to get out for a 30-45min walk or leisurely activity a couple times a week and let the body and mild chill out.

What’s New

Coaching Update: Michelle & Jenna

After a receiving their CF Level 1 certification, a couple months of shadowing and coaching development we will be welcoming Michelle and Jenna to our coaching team this summer! Not only do these to coaches/athletes have a tremendous amount of practical experience at the collegiate level via track and volleyball respectively but their attention to detail, encouragement and general excitement through the shadowing phase has been incredible. You can look forward having them coaching regular classes in the coming weeks and, as always, we would love to hear your feedback!

Massage Therapy: Tyler Burns, RMT

As you may have noticed, our back room has been dramatically transformed into a rustic massage therapy space headed up by CFC’s own Tyler Burns. Tyler is a Registered Massage Therapist and does absolute wonders with his hands, not to mention having an understanding of the aches, pains and general maintenance needs that come with CrossFit training. He is licensed, insured and has direct billing. Contact him directly to book an appointment.

Skills & drills

Our program is constantly evolving thanks to your progress and feedback. In our next stage we will be featuring…

  • Running! Yes, the time has come. As you may have already noticed in our workouts and warm-ups, we will be incorporating running into for conditioning (workouts); typically in the form of 400-250m, 800m and the odd 1-mile run (yes, we have a set 1-mile route) so enjoy it while it lasts and take advantage by subbing in a light jog around the block in warm up or better AS COOL DOWN with some fellow members.
  • Some additional EMOTM strength/skill sessions that allow us to work/develop movements in a low-moderate intensity environment
  • A continuation of our squat and lifting programs with a little change-up in some of the rep schemes
  • Additional skill/strength variations supporting increase mid-line stability and posterior chain engagement utilizing more loaded carries, kettle bell complexes, dead-lift variations
  • Lastly, we found success in the built-in accessory work that we incorporated over the last few months in the “between sets” sections, not only as a way to get additional work in but also to make the most of our time during class; so this will continue! Enjoy!


Updated Program for Advanced (RX+) Stream

We have some some updates to the Advanced (RX+) stream to incorporate a wider variety of movement development opportunities, particularly regarding gymnastics but also in some of the rep schemes of the barbell work. – Why? Because gymnastics, core strength and motor control are a fundamental part and foundation for sport and this streams purpose is to be better in the ‘sport’ of CrossFit. For those’s looking for extra skill/strength work, everything is of course scale-able. Enjoy!

Continuing our coaching/program philosophy of ‘Scaled Adaptation’ tailored to You!

Scaled Adaptation is our way of saying, “It’s your workout, let’s adapt it to you.” Particularly for our masters athletes (50 years +), those new to CrossFit (3-4 months) or those who have some specific training goals or physical limitations. We have our workouts as-posted but as you know, our coaching team will GLADLY recommend scaling options or alternative work to suit you.

Our program is designed to adapt to you. Example: By doubling the daily rep scheme and having the coach scale movements or working with pauses, tempos, depth targets, etc. for a few weeks; you might be amazed at how far your movement patterns, confidence in that movement and overall engagement can progress in terms of muscle activation and strength. Take the opportunity to build better movement now and work towards the target percentages/ reps later. THIS IS YOUR FITNESS and YOUR PROGRAM.

This is going to be fun!

Quarterly check in, with Yourself

A Few Questions to Ask yourself…CF motivation 02

We sincerely hope the answer to all these is “yes” and hope that you leave CrossFit Corydon better than you came in every single day.

  • Are you happy? In general – with your friends, family, work and energy levels and how you’ve been able to incorporate fitness into that. Bringing positive energy and outlook to every workout is essential to progress, as our good days should always out number the lesser and we hope when you enter CFC you look forward to a positive experience that reflect positively in your day-to-day life.
  • Are you getting the most enjoyment out of your experiences and seeking new and challenging ones? We do many movements and things that others and you yourself may have thought impossible before. This attitude and mindset should extend outside the gym, so be adventurous and find new ways to challenge yourself – try new foods, play new sports, take a class, climb a mountain.. Oh, and send us a pic with you doing so and we’d love to post it up on the CFC page!
  • Is your level of fitness progressing with the program? Are you being challenged? Are you challenging yourself to push for one more rep, to spend extra time on mobility and to take control of what you want to achieve each day? You are getting stronger, faster and fitter; you are moving better and healthier, don’t forget how you achieved that and to come to each class and workout with that same vigor and intensity that you did when you started – it’s when that ‘one-more-rep’ fire-like mindset appears that the magic happens!

Our Priority of ProgressPSM

  • Building and reinforcing connective tissue
  • Improving movement mechanics and mobility
  • Strengthening and stabilizing full range of motion movement
  • Applying volume and load in a measurable training environment
  • Incorporating intensity in a challenging and progressive manner

This is going to be fun!