Weekly Preview

  • FrostFit Weekend & Last Week Of Program Cycle
    Our largest local competition is this Sat & Sun at CrossFit Winnipeg, come down and cheer on our athletes and coaches! This is also the final week of this program cycle and OH MY what a line-up of workouts. Eat well, sleep well and come in fired up… Enjoy!
  • EMPOWER Bootcamp
    Join the excitement of EMPOWER by CFC Bootcamp! Check out the FB page or website and sign up today. EMPOWER is a 1-hour, coach-led bootcamp consisting of… A Warm-Up: to get your heart rate up and blood flowing. Strength Work: Variety of body-weight, core, glute and kettle-bell work to activate, strengthen and tighten muscle tissue. Cardio & Core: A challenging cardiovascular/conditioning session that will get a great sweat going and leave you feeling slim, accomplished and ready for anything. Sometimes with a devious core-finisher! Check out the FB page or website and sign up today. $99 for unlimited classes.
  • Free Intro Classes: Tues, Thurs, Sat
    Want to see what crossfit is all about? Grab a friend or family member and sign up on the website for a FREE TRIAL/INTRO CLASS. You’ll do a group warm-up, work on the skill/strength component of the daily with other newcomers and tackle a scaled crossfit-style workout! Multiple time slot available, sign up online or drop us an email. This is going to be fun!

Week of January 21

Monday: Front Squat Testing, “Fran”

Tuesday: Gymnastics Testing, Dream-boat 21-51-9

Wednesday: Power Snatch, 5RD Triplet

Barbell Club: Snatch, Push Press, Back Squat+ accessory work

Thursday: Back Squat Testing, Partner couplet sprints

Friday: Push Press Test, 3RD Triplet

Saturday: OLY Weight-lifting Total, mini “13.1”

Sunday: BB Club + Open Gym… Come in for skill work or make up a workout you missed this week. Let’s have some fun!

Barbell Club: Clean & Jerk, Pulls, Front Squat+ accessory work


Helpful Links

  • Yoga poses for low-back relief https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/the-magnificent-7-yoga-poses-for-lower-back-relief

Next On-Ramp

Now scheduling for our next on-ramp, spread the word! Our On-Ramp (intro) program runs three times/classes per week for four weeks. You’ll learn the fundamentals of everything we do in both strength and skill; have a fun group warm-up and mobility session and of course end the day with a mid-to-high intensity crossfit-inspired workout that will challenge you can get a great sweat going!

  • Price: $155+GST
  • Register online HERE or via our website/email and reserve your spot today.

Fun Features in WODIFY

  • Athlete Performance: Enter your results in ‘Athlete Performance’ and track your progress, percentages, etc.
  • Whiteboard: visit the ‘whiteboard’ to view scores of yourself and fellow members from current or previous days. A great way to see how others are doing and what comments they had.
  • Leader board: view ‘leader board’ for top PRs and scores for lifts, benchmark workouts, etc.

Enter you performance right at the kiosk, front desk, smart phone or when you get home. We’d love to see your progress and comments. Even better, we’d like to know your goals! Let your coach know next time you’re in or drop us an email.