Programming Preview


  • 7pm classes Mon, Wed, Fri starting June 1
  • Reminder to sign in for class via Wodify to reservve your spot. Classes are filling up!
  • Go to ‘Active Living’ today and see this weeks optional conditioning and active recovery sessions. Fitness is fun!
  • “Sun’s out, run’s out” – Coach Jason; read our Pose Method running blog

May 25-31

Monday: Power cleans, double metcon

Tuesday: Push press (jerk), skill work, gym-nasty metcon

Wednesday: Power snatch, skill work, conditioning metcon

BB Club: Snatch work, snatch pulls + back squats and optional accessory

Thursday: Back squat, pull-ups, 5RND metcon

Friday: Bench press, circuit metcon

Saturday: Front squat (thruster), AMRAP metcon

Sunday: Barbell Club – Snatch & Clean & Jerk + Open Gym 12:00-2:00pm

Open gym: come in to work on skills or make up a workout you missed. Let’s have some fun!


News & Updates!

Conditioning Club

  • Starting this week we have a new program available in Wodify called “Active Living”. This is where we will house additional programs outside our CrossFit, On-Ramp and Barbell programming. For the next 12 weeks, we will have a weekly CONDITIONING CLUB program posted internally in wodify each Sunday for those members looking for a little extra work/motivation to up the conditioning for the summer or simply get outside and be more active. This is totally optional, can be done at your leisure and we have cleared so space in the back room incase you want to come in a zone out with a rower, kb, jump rope and some tunes. Here’s what to expect below, enjoy!
    • Two optional conditioning sessions (interval or long duration rows, runs, aerobic workouts)
    • One active recovery session (outdoor activity or challenge)
    • Connectivity and mobility links for you to follow at your leisure

Yoga is now Mobility

  • Mobility class will be help once a week on Thursday’s from 7-8pm and will feature dynamic stretching, various muscle tissue releasing holds and mobility exercises (smash, roll, stretch), some static stretching and the odd flow or yoga sequence. Why the change? More relative to the training regiment and  needs of the everyday active person.

Spring Promotion: “First 50”

  • Now scheduling for our June on-ramp, spread the word! Tues & Thurs 7-8pm
  • Spring promo: “FIRST 50” $155/month unlimited with 6 month commitment

Fun Features in WODIFY

  • Athlete Performance: Enter your results in ‘Athlete Performance’ and track your progress, percentages, etc.
  • Whiteboard: visit the ‘whiteboard’ to view scores of yourself and fellow members from current or previous days. A great way to see how others are doing and what comments they had.
  • Leader board: view ‘leader board’ for top PRs and scores for lifts, benchmark workouts, etc.

Enter you performance right at the kiosk, front desk, smart phone or when you get home. We’d love to see your progress and comments. Even better, we’d like to know your goals! Let your coach know next time you’re in or drop us an email.