Programming Preview


  • New equipment coming in over the next few weeks! Thank-you and enjoy 🙂
  • Reminder to sign in for class via Wodify to reserve your spot. Classes are filling up!
  • “First 50” Promo $155/month extended until the end of June. And now booking for July on-ramp

June 15-21

Monday: Back squats, open WOD!

Tuesday: Press, skill, 10min AMRAP

Wednesday: (snatch), skill work, 3RFT metcon

BB Club: snatch + snatch Pulls + back squats and optional accessory

Thursday: Clean complex, work/rest metcon

Friday: Pull-up work, 3 round conditioning metcon

Saturday: Back squat, “fran”-prep metcon

Sunday: Barbell Club – Snatch & Clean & Jerk + Open Gym 12:00-2:00pm

Open gym: come in to work on skills or make up a workout you missed. Let’s have some fun!


Spring Promotion: “First 50”

  • Now scheduling for our July on-ramp, spread the word! Tues & Thurs 7-8pm
  • Spring promo: “FIRST 50” $155/month unlimited with 6 month commitment

Fun Features in WODIFY

  • Athlete Performance: Enter your results in ‘Athlete Performance’ and track your progress, percentages, etc.
  • Whiteboard: visit the ‘whiteboard’ to view scores of yourself and fellow members from current or previous days. A great way to see how others are doing and what comments they had.
  • Leader board: view ‘leader board’ for top PRs and scores for lifts, benchmark workouts, etc.

Enter you performance right at the kiosk, front desk, smart phone or when you get home. We’d love to see your progress and comments. Even better, we’d like to know your goals! Let your coach know next time you’re in or drop us an email.