Weekly Preview


  • FROSTFIT 2016 Registration Is Open!
    Interested in trying out a local crossfit competition? FrostFit 2016 has been announced (Jan. 16 & 17) and registration opens this week! Male, Female, Mixed Teams both RX and non-RX
  • December On-Ramp starts DEC.1
    Tues/Thurs evenings + Sat at 1-2pm, plus we’ll have a on-rampers dropping in at 4pm and 7pm to add some flexibility and better integrate them into regular classes along the way.
  • Student Discount & CFC Referral Programs
    Cash credit for every member you refer. Ask a coach or email us for details!
  • Anonymous Feedback in Wodify
    We want to hear from you! About workouts, the gym, our staff and anything that helps to make the CFC experience better, so let us know. WODIFY has an anonymous feedback button (looks like a mega-phone) that you can use to send us your comments, concerns or just give us some general feedback.

Week of Nov.23

Monday: (skills) clean, triplet metcon

Tuesday: (gymnastics), jerks, E3M metcon

Wednesday: (snatch) skill work, 20min conditioning

BB Club 07: snatch complex, pause snatch, SGDL, back squats + accessory work

Thursday: (skills) back squats, 4 round metcon

Friday: (gymnastics) SDHP + Bench Press, EMOTM metcon

Saturday: (clean) front squats, 8min AMRAP

Sunday: BB Club + Open Gym 12:00-2:00pm – come in for skill work or make up a workout you missed this week. Let’s have some fun!

BB Club 08: clean complex, pause clean, jerks, front squat + accessory work


Next On-Ramp

  • Now scheduling for our next on-ramp, spread the word!

The Mobility Project

  • Our goal is to help you move better – safer, more efficiently and more effectively – both the gym and out in real life. With that in mind, we are undertaking a new initiative the takes warm-ups, movement preparation and post-workout pre-hab to the next level. Along with daily warm-ups and mobility drills along with some post-workout work and a weekly mobility/modality target area and progressive work.
    • “these exercises are designed to get the correct muscles and positions primed to produce efficient and safe movement patterns, take your time with them, discuss them with your coach and do them as high quality as possible to reap as much benefit as you can from these simple yet ever so effective movements” – Coach Matt.

Fun Features in WODIFY

  • Athlete Performance: Enter your results in ‘Athlete Performance’ and track your progress, percentages, etc.
  • Whiteboard: visit the ‘whiteboard’ to view scores of yourself and fellow members from current or previous days. A great way to see how others are doing and what comments they had.
  • Leader board: view ‘leader board’ for top PRs and scores for lifts, benchmark workouts, etc.

Enter you performance right at the kiosk, front desk, smart phone or when you get home. We’d love to see your progress and comments. Even better, we’d like to know your goals! Let your coach know next time you’re in or drop us an email.