Ok, so you’ve heard the name ‘CROSSFIT’ and what to know what it is…

Well, here’s the basics…

General Overview


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program and fitness methodology – consisting constantly varied functional movements combined with high intensity training. In recent years it has evolved from a localized fitness program to a worldwide fitness community built on the foundations of its founders at CrossFit Inc. (CrossFit.com).  and their affiliate gyms or ‘boxes’.

Affiliate CrossFit gyms or ‘boxes’ feature 1 hour coach-led strength and conditioning classes of 8-12 members. Each affiliate is it’s own entity and features their own programming (workouts) that typically combine of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular elements elements in a way that progresses over cycles throughout the year. For more on the specific details, visit http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/what-is-crossfit.html

Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.


At every gym, every day is different. There is a posted “Workout of the Day” or “W.O.D.” that every member of every class on that day does; regardless of age, sex, level of fitness or physical limitation. How? Scaling movements, loads and reps schemes to ones individual abilities in order to achieve the same level of relative intensity. (i.e. You, your mother and your grandmother can all be in the same class and do a variation of the workout).

The movements performed are functional an application/usage outside the box, in real life. We simply teach technique, layer in proper movement patterns over time and load those movements them to improve our overall level of fitness. Workouts vary each day in terms of movements and work/rest ratios but are typically done for time, reps or load at an elevated heart rate or level of intensity.

For sample workouts, view our DAILY WOD blog https://crossfitcorydon.com/category/daily-wod/

The People

The people who CrossFit are positive, outgoing individuals, family members or groups ranging in age from 20-50+ yrs old that share a desire for improved fitness. For some this means general health and well being, for others it’s in terms of competitive nature and aiming for improved performance in CrossFit or other specialized sports.

The Coaches

All coaches/trainers at affiliates are at a minimum CrossFit Level 1 certified and many hold more advanced certifications and specialties.

How to start

Intro (on ramp) Programs

CrossFit gyms offer group and individual introductory programs called on-ramp, fundamentals, foundations, etc. that teach the fundamental movements required both in real life and to engage in regular crossfit classes. Our ON-RAMP program is a 1 month (4-week) program that builds work capacity, proper mechanics and starts the process of improving your overall level of fitness and joint/muscle mobility. https://crossfitcorydon.com/register/

Our next on-ramp starts soon! Email us for details!

Free Trials

Free trial classes are also typically offered and are open to the public to try out an intro class with friends and family. Here is the link to ours and what you’ll experience! https://crossfitcorydon.com/wcs3_class/free-class/