Today’s WOD

Spend 5-10min warming up you body (and mind) to hit the workout hard. We want to ACTIVATE the legs, hips, glutes, shoulders, wrists and back before getting into workout-mode.

2-min of lower body mobility / stretching / animal crawls
2-min of upper body mobility / stretching / animal crawls
6-min of activation: SQUAT, PRESS, PULL, HINGE
Crossfit (Fitness)
At-home workouts are designed with minimal weights and objects BUT if you have them available, please use them. WIEGHT and TIME-UNDER-TENSION are critical stimulus' to continue to utilize.
Metcon (Time)
7 sets, 5-10 reps of the heaviest thing you can find to DEADLIFT. Rest 1min between sets. And then...

6 Rounds For Time
24 Air Squats
24 Object Deadlfit or toe-touch
24 Curl to Overhead Press
24 Bicycle crunches
If you got weights, USE THEM.

Scale these UP or DOWN to suit you. Get creative with objects.

Post your scores online or in the Facebook CFC ATHLETES chat or with friends/family/coworkers.